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Question Everything

Question Everything

God Said:

Scott, you and all of humanity learned from well meaning parents, relatives, friends, school, your society, and church, all the things that you thought were important in life. You learned a lot of great things…you also learned things that were being parroted by others. This is human nature to pass on the things that you learned to your children, and so on down the lineage.

Nobody sets out to give mis-information about anything. Life is automatic at times and we get comfortable with what we have learned. Have you noticed though that the mind of man is never really satisfied or satiated? There is always something more to learn.

Look at all the books…volumes of them you can choose from. Look at the internet…voluminous information is coming from this channel as well. What is one to do with all this information at hand? Does it not seem all rather overwhelming to you?
We have been taught…this is the truth…or this is the only way to believe. Have you not noticed that everything you have been taught does not always work for you? These people that have taught you usually have noble intentions. No one is necessarily out to deceive you on purpose.

Think for a minute what your gracious parents talked to you about and taught you in your youth. Most of what they acquired as far as knowledge and facts came from their loving parents, your grandparents. Some of what they taught you served you well, and some of it you found did not serve you very well at all.

The ego always wants to be right. The ego says, “By golly, this is what I was told and I will follow it until my dying breath”. This is a noble statement, and probably delivered in all sincerity, but, does it really serve you, or are you just being stubborn, for stubbornness sake? It is like the kamikaze pilot who said they would rather die for their national cause at the expense, and cost of their own life. They bravely plowed their planes into American ships because of their cause. Was it worth it? Lives were lost over these causes. The real question they should have asked before they did what they did was… “What is it God really wants of me”? “Am I following my soul, or what others have told me? Had they asked these questions of themselves, they could have saved their lives and the lives of countless others. They were sincere, but sincerely at odds with their soul.

Most of you make your decisions with sincerity. That is not your problem. You would not have done it unless you were sincere. The problem with many is that they took second hand information, and what others had thought, and bought into it. They did not question what they had learned. They did not ask themselves whether this would serve their ultimate and highest purpose in life. So, they through their lives “to the wind” and rolled the “craps” of life, so to speak, and they sacrificed themselves upon the altar of others opinions of how they should live, and conduct their lives. Then they wonder why their lives are not turning out as taught.
They become disillusioned with life and give up on it, or decide to check out of it.

My sweet creation and children, life does not have to be this way. It can be experienced differently. Why is it so hard to ask questions of yourself and to really contemplate where you are going with your life? Have you noticed that none of these well meaning people, who told you what worked for them, are not there for you when you need them?

Have you noticed that it is only you that can really make decisions for yourself? Nobody else can do it for you? But, I am more than able and willing to come along your side to help you…all you have to do is ask. That is who I am all about…helping you navigate through this maze of living you call life. I have some questions for you my beloved, “Are you really happy with your life”? “Are things going well for you”? Have what you been taught and what you adopted really serving you, or do you feel you are on some giant treadmill of your own making”?

You can change it all my child and save yourself a lot of trial and error, and personal suffering. Just start asking questions. Why accept, hook, line and sinker, everything you have been taught? If things are not going as planned, instead of getting bitter at God, or at life, why not just start asking yourself some questions. Just ask. If you would only ask yourself these important questions you would begin to understand. Do you realize that what one believes or embraces does not always serve you well? Just because mom and dad believe a certain way does not mean you have to. Did I not give you one of the greatest gifts of the universe…A FREE WILL TO CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF? Then why my child would you not exercise this free will to make your own choices and to ask your own questions?

Are you more afraid of what others think of you than I? You see, I will be there for you, they will not. Begin to question my child everything you hold near and dear to you. It is OK; I give you my divine permission. You will not fail or fall. I can hold you up. Why not start being true to your soul my child? This is eternal. Your physical life on this earth is important. Don’t make the mistake of listening what works for others, find out by asking questions, what is right for you. Find out what is good for you and what works in concert with your life’s and soul’s purpose. This will serve you well in this life and beyond.

It is not how much money you will acquire, or houses, or lands, or fame or fortunes you acquire along this journey you call life. Analyze everything my child; question everything to see if it lines up with your inner being, or your higher self, which is me in you. Start right now my child to take steps to question all that you have learned. It is not what you learned that is so important; it is what you really experience and know from a heart level. You cannot live someone else’s idea of you. Start being true to yourself. You only fool yourself by doing so. Just be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to question everything you have ever learned. This is the beginning of true Godly wisdom and understanding. Follow the path to yourself, the one that is authentic and represents you and me.
Love, God

Submitted By: D. Scott Arant

Dear Scott, So much of this

Dear Scott,

So much of this Godwriting tm, talks to me in different ways and means.
Very familiar to me is the fact that teachings and ‘truths’ were passed on to me by those that came before me, which were absorbed innocently by me at a young age. It wasn’t until around the age of 35, that I started to question and new teachings and ‘truths’ replaced some of the ‘old’ ones. Then, came the time to test and experience what had been learned and a new process of discarding and learning, questioning, testing, experiencing, letting go and so on……….. , took place and became a never ending process. I realize the importance of continuously checking what works for me in life and to let go of any beliefs, promises, pledges,……. that don’t serve me anymore. Today's Godwriting tm, made me aware of this again!

Same, for expectations from parents, teachers, mates, society……they are all imposed. It is easy, to not question and to fall into the trap of trying to conform. That is when “Know Thyself and be true to Self” is so vital! Then, it is only You and God.

Thank you so much for being the conduit.
Love and Light,