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Only for a Season

Only for a Season

God Said:

Scott, sometimes life looks like death. This might strike you as odd, but death always precedes life in some way or another. Humankind is so adverse to death that many will start to read this or hear it and immediately turn it off as nonsense.

Look at nature and you will see this principle at work. Look at your seasons for instance. Fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves begin to turn colors from greens to yellows, to oranges and some to red. The leaves change color and this excites you because you love the changes that it brings. Inside your being you know that you enjoy the color changes but you also know that winter is near. The changing of the leaves colors represent the changes that will happen in life too. They are a mirror to you personally.

Once the leaves begin to change color you know that soon they will fall. The falling of the leaves represents death. Death sends chills into the soul and reverberates throughout your very being. You know that this change represents the coming of a death. A shedding of the old to bring about the metamorphosis of the new life that is coming. You know the trees must go through this metamorphosis, yet it is hard for you to know this about yourself. For every death, as you would see it, comes forth new life.

Look at a volcano. Much of the worlds most lush and green terrain comes from this volcanic action. Some of the most wanted, and desired areas of your planet, are volcanic. This volcanic action sends shivers of fear to most, especially if you happen to live in its vicinity. There is much power in a volcano. The earth is delivering like a mother would deliver a child. There is labor and there is a birthing. As much destruction as a volcano can bring, it also brings new life teaming back to the earth. A few years go by in your time and you will see this new growth and new life taking root again.

Look at your own life’s seasons Scott. It was not long ago that you remember being a young boy with hopes and dreams of your own. Look back on this time Scott and you will perceive it to be one without any cares so to speak. You didn’t have to worry about bills, or rent, or food for that matter. You relied completely on your parents care…and so it should have been. You were able to live in your imaginary world and enjoy the simplicity of life.

You then went into a new stage of life that is not very welcomed by many…it was adolescence and the forthcoming of puberty where your body would change. A metamorphosis was taking shape in you. This transition was uncomfortable for you as it is to most at this age. Pimples arose where you had a clear complexion. Your body seemed to be growing almost overnight. Your appetite for food increased as well as your need for rest and sleep. You looked awkward but the good news was that you would not remain in that state for long. Soon to emerge would be the adult self that would look so differently from the adolescent self that you were. This transition was to only be for a season. You eventually became happy with the results of adulthood.

Adulthood would be great and then grey hairs began to appear on your head and other areas of your body. This was the transition that you noticed. It again was uncomfortable for you because you realized it was the loss of your youthful appearance. Many resist this time too because it seems like a loss to them. As, you increase in wisdom, you realize that all these transitions are there for new growth. Your body was changing but so was something else…your wisdom, and the perceptions of your soul. The things that maybe you did not attend to before. Now you are awakening to the fact that the body is indeed dying but that there is more to you than meets the natural eye.

Then your last stage in life becomes much like your first stage of growth. You become physically older but your mind is still sharp, or at least you think it is. You really would not change and go back to your youth. Youth was great, but it certainly was not the end all be all, that everyone said it was. You have progressed, you have grown in wisdom and understanding. Many of you have thought…” Just when you start to get wise it is time to go”.

Life is short. You are older and wiser but death lurks at your door now. You are faced with your mortality on a daily basis. You know the natural progression of life will be your demise, your death. Do not fear this time my beloved children. It is all for a divine reason. This too will manifest in new life. There exists no death in the divine. It is all about life. It just looks like death to you.

Without the contrast of life, the ups and the downs of it, you would not understand me. Days of rain make you appreciate the sunshine. The seeming bad's of life make you understand and love the goods as you see it. There is a divine reason for all and a balance that comes through every experience of your life.

Has it dawned on you that each major leap in life, transition, or metamorphosis brought you into a richer space, an expansion, so to speak? It was time to die to the old and come into the newness. All creation has this metamorphism to complete. Oftentimes it shows up, and looks like death and, in the end, it becomes new life. It showed up like financial misfortune, or a divorce, or a tragedy, or as a death, but it ended up as life to you. This is the principle of creation. Death begets life. Life begets death and so the principle moves on in all of creation. Of course, from my perspective, and that of heavens, there is never death. It only appears as death to you. It is new life my child. Don’t be afraid of it. Death only looks real; it is only a human perception. When things go south as you would say, or not as expected, just know and understand life is on the other side of death. When a seeming tragedy knocks at your door try to greet it and treat it differently with heaven’s eyes. This is true wisdom my child. Death must happen before new life appears.

Be thankful for these seasons my beloved children. They are always there for your growth and expansion of your soul. They are disguised as death, they are your illusion. They only bring more reward and expand your being. Don’t curse them, embrace them. Love all that comes your way. They are all divine teachers my child. There is something you need to learn form them. They are not your enemy; they are to be embraced as a friend. Don’t resist them, flow into them. Don’t break…Bend…Embrace them…Don’t resist them.

You have heard that if you don’t bend you break. This is true in life isn’t it? Are you bendable and not breakable? Are you flexible enough to withstand the storms and changes that life brings you? Do you not know that I am always there with you to see you through this transformation and metamorphosis? I never leave you through any of the so called tragedies of life. I am there. I never left. Learn to trust these times that seem to be tough. They are the things that will make you expand and grow into what you wanted all along. Let these seasons, season you, my beloved.

I am always with you, just look for me.



Submitted by: D. Scott Arant