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A Different Sort Of Conclusion

Often it may be in our sites
That if we follow a certain set of guidelines or rules
If we connect the dots of life just right
We'll have the tools
To figure it out
To be figured in
Liked, all right
Linked, in line
With the familiar familial battle cry, "solidarity in similarity"
Or is it the other way around?
Instead of being some misfit
Cast adrift
Left hung out to dry
I say
It's better to be seemingly floating amiss
Hung out to dry
Again and again
If such be the call
Knowing the feeling of, in spite of it all
I followed my call
Better yet
Because of it All
I lived from my heart
From the contentedness that no one really ever does fall
Otherwise, more often than not
We belie
Conceal and compromise
Our truest nature
Behind what we would justify
In need of being justified
Not to say everyone must be reckless, thoughtless daredevils in life
Taking risks to higher and higher levels
At integrity's expense
Just that perhaps
In a different sort of math applied
We may comprehend
One plus one may not equal two
Or if it does equal two
Maybe following such formulaic rules
Is akin to always tightroping along some edge
For fear our comfort level will be cleft
That our very core
Our reason for being
Will or can be somehow left for dead
To simplify a bit
What if
Zero is more like IT
In the "end"
That emptiness
Is really closer to being filled
Than filling our lives with what popular opinion would will
That openness
In and of itself
Is our self sufficient thrill
So that whatever be the call
Even if in the world's eyes
We're lost to some great, dastardly, disastrously appearing fall
What if
No matter what
We always stand tall
That our standing
Isn't about building good standing
But rather honesty, honorably withstanding
The worldly winds that focus so much on wins
As far as love's math is concerned
We're already grown
At Home
Always, a Part
Of Perfection's Loving Heart
Unconcerned with us building up imagined clout
When being one's self
Is what our Truth
Is truly more about


Beautiful words of

Beautiful words of authenticity Mike...

You are loved...Scott

TY, Scott...I also feel

TY, Scott...I also feel equally about everything you allow to come through...whether it's from You or God...since there's no's one in the Same thing...mike:)