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Love Changes Everything

Love Changes Everything

God Said:

Scott, Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the vibration of God. It is more powerful than anything mankind has ever known. It, love, is what all things consist of and is the very fabric that holds all things together. Without this love, nothing would exist as you know it. So, the question is how do you define love? What is real love?

The bible is correct. God is Love. If there was anything ever said about God that is true it would be this three worded statement… God is Love. That is the entirety of the message of scripture. If scripture was non-existent, this phrase, God is Love would suffice. Of course, man likes to complicate God and so they have added many words to try to define God. This entitlement of God, this definition of God, that God is Love, suits me just fine…how about you?

What is love is the big controversy in language. Language alone does not do a service to the real meaning of love. It is the poorest way to communicate this love. Actually, love is better felt than it is communicated outside of feeling. Once, love is truly felt and realized, it cannot be completely communicated in any language or diction. It is impossible to completely analyze love from a mental level and then communicate this love on an intellectual level. It is spiritually perceived. Even the feelings come from Spirit.

This small word of love in your language cannot even come close to its true st meaning so to tell you what love is, is really impossible. Isn’t that pretty much the same thing with anything when it comes to the divine? I am pretty hard to explain in any language. So, my question to you is why are you so hung up on words? Words are the least real way of communication. You need words, but words have so many ways of being distorted. Look at your own dictionary and you will be very confused by all the definitions that each word might convey to the hearer.

So defining love is actually impossible in your language, or any language. It can only give you a smattering of the true meaning. The mind of man cannot fully perceive my love. It is almost incomprehensible in its true st meaning. When you transition again you will only begin to understand fuller what it really means. This love that I possess and have for you will be forthtelling throughout all ages and time as you know it. This love is progressive and expansive and will never end…world without end.

Every molecule, every atom, and particle that makes you who you are is filled with it. Without this love, nothing would exist, you would be non-existent. There would be darkness as you would say. There would be nothingness. But, with this love, all things exist. When you tap into this limitless field of love all things will begin to look differently than before. You will not understand it until you come into it. Many of you want to come into this field of love, but are unable to access it due to your fears about love. It is very hard for you to believe this but it is true , that you are more afraid of the light than you are of the darkness.

I know you are. I know you are afraid of accessing this love, the love of the divine, because you really don’t believe it. Oh, yes, you have head consent of my love, but when “push comes to shove” you do not. When the “rubber” meets the road you run from my love and seek the darkness. This is a dichotomy and quite ironic but it is true . You would rather hear something negative, as you would perceive it, than to hear something positive like God loves you unconditionally. You would rather hear that God loves you if you abide by this standard or this doctrine. It is very difficult, if not impossible for most to believe that God would love everyone created the same.

The ego thrives on this thought that you are something special in your belief about God. It wants to think that it has a “corner” on God somehow. It wants you to believe that your ego or your ego-mind is the mind of God. We know this is not true . You are not your ego, your thoughts, or even your feelings. You are the essence of love, even if you are not aware of this right now. Your ego would argue and say that you are not love. So, if you listen to your ego-mind it will lead you away from me and my love, and cause you to believe that your existence on earth is the only existence you have ever had.

So, my beloved children always seek the purest and most transcendent love…the love that is truly from God, your creator and maker. This love or path of love is what will eventually allow us to see “eye to eye”. You cannot come up with this love by yourself. Your ego will shield you from it as often as it can. Your perceptions, which are categorically ensconced in ego, will also lead you away from this love. Your perceptions must be transformed with love, for you to actually perceive this love. They can be transformed with just the intention or a prayer that asks the divine for openness to this love. That is all that is required for you to then begin to see, feel and experience this love.

This love, this love of the divine, is so pervasive and extensive. It has no limits. It can extend into the highest heavens or to the lowest hells. There are no highs or lows in my estimation, only in yours. Seek this love my beloved child; seek it as if you were searching for gold or something else of great value. You seek other things like money, or friends or other earthly treasures, so why not seek this eternal treasure that Jesus the Christ spoke of. This is the treasure, the treasure of love that fills all and satiates the heart of man. It is the only thing that will bring true fulfillment in your life and heart.
Solomon said that this kind of love, that which comes from God, makes all other loves as condemnable in its sight. This is the love that keeps on giving long after one has transitioned. Love is really all one ever needs or wants. Once, you find this love my child, you will do anything to keep it. It will consume you. It will overtake you. It is all encompassing. It will be your passion and mission.

For those who have never experienced these dimensions of love I encourage you to keep seeking. Your heart already tells you this truth. Please listen to it. You will never be disappointed by doing so.



Submitted by: D. Scott Arant

Dear Scott, Your Godwriting

Dear Scott,

Your Godwriting tm today, complements so well today's HEAVEN #2530 A Sage of the Universe I feel. Some deep questions and equally deep answers and all through.........God's unfailing Love!

Thank you for posting it, because it reawakens in me the desire to experience this love divine!