The Unweighable

God said:

We are Oneness. There is I, and I am the Whole of the Created and Uncreated. I reside in your heart, and I am strong in your heart. I am embedded in all hearts. I am never out of your heart. I am comprehensive. Mostly, I am incomprehensible to you who wander in the material world. The density of the physical has numbed My visibility in your eyes. We can say that the physical has become your God.

Do not feel badly about this, for you certainly have been handed a puzzle. How to live in two worlds. How to make them compatible. How to not sacrifice one for the other. How to juggle life in the world when you are above all the world. How to recline in Heaven while your feet dance on Earth. How to keep your feet on Earth when your soul resounds in Heaven.

You struggle, and then you hear Me say that only Heaven exists because I exist everywhere. Oh, if all had the eyes to see and the ears to hear, all would know that all is well. And all is well, regardless of your vantage.

When love is seen, all is well. Even from a limited point of view, you have experienced this.

And so love must be taken out of its recesses in the hearts of everyone on Earth and slued around, cast to the world that waits to be dazzled by the splendor of love. The world has been dazed by glitter. It has been stupefied by sequins. And now the simple heart will dazzle the world with the brightness of love. There is no other light to brighten the world with.

The world as you know it is made of contradiction, but even contradiction can be contradicted. I contradict it. When there is Oneness, how can there be contradiction? When there is Oneness, how can anything be outside of it? Oneness can only seem to be in pieces, but, in truth, Oneness is never fragmented. It is only that the Human mind sees bits and pieces and believes in what it sees.

In this movie reel of life, you are caught in time, and so everything is not all at once to you. The movie becomes a flutter-wheel. But, listen, if all of Eternity is in this moment — this non-moment — and all of this non-moment is Eternity, what is not? What can be left out? Light cannot be left out. Only the denseness of the physical seems to be left out. Actually, it is not left out. It just never existed except as you perceived it in the myriad of ways you do.

Your perception is the key that needs to be turned. Admit the possibility that your perception can be widened. You have predicted what you will see. And based on what you have seen, you predict what you will see. You are like a magician who has fooled himself.

Let Us start with coexistence. Let Us coexist in love. Let Us know of Our existence. Let Us know of Our affinity. Our affinity is Our Oneness. Our affinity is Our infinite love. You cannot measure Oneness. There is not a ruler for Oneness. There is no scale for love. Love weighs nothing. Love lifts weights. And it tosses them away. Weight never existed anyway. It was presumed. All the weight you have carried in life weighs nothing. Your thoughts told you otherwise. But where can heaviness come from, and where can it go when it is not weighable, and how could it have ever existed except as you thought so?

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