To the Altar of Love

God said:

If you want to be inspired, breathe more deeply. You breathe life in and out. Your breathing is for something. Breathe in love, and breathe love out. The more love you breathe out, the more love you breathe in. But regardless, love stays.

There is nothing in the whole world but love, for only love is real. Love is the only thing that lasts. I understand that you have seen love as a fleeting thing, but you have only been looking at the surface. An object of love may pass, but love, never, no, not ever.

Atrocities pass. They are not forever. Love is.

What you see as absence of love is absence of consent to love. Yes, consent can be absent, but not love, no, not love ever. Love is consensual. Love alights where it is received. Consent to love.

Offer your heart up on the altar of love. Your heart is the altar of love, so offer your heart up to itself. Offer a toast to your heart. Congratulate it. Love it. Let your heart be known. Let it first be known to you. Avert your eyes from your heart no longer. Love your heart, for it is full of love that it longs to share. Your heart's knowledge is great.

Knowledge of your heart cannot be found in books. You can only discover your heart's knowledge by sitting down within it. Then you can read the book of your heart, as it were. Then you can speak from your heart.

From your heart comes truth. Be true to your heart. Untruth does not sit well with you because it doesn't come from your heart. What's wrong with telling lies is that they do not come from your heart. They come from some faraway thought of advantage or escape, and that's what makes them lies. Lies dodge your heart of truth.

Your dreams are not lies. Your dreams are truth prodding you. Your heart tries to get your attention through dreams. I speak of both sleep dreams and waking dreams now. Both try to wake you.

Lies huff and puff, but truth sails along.

If you have not told the truth lately, you want to experience it again. There is great gain in telling the truth. There is no gain in telling untruth. This is the truth I am telling you. Even if a lie gets you out of a situation, there is no gain. Do not believe your own lies.

Can you imagine a world where there is no pretense? The world itself would breathe a deep sigh of relief. Can you imagine if everyone was what he was without anything added? No cover-ups. If everyone knew that there was no aggrandizement needed, and that everyone was wonderful just as is without embellishment, who would make up things? Lies come only from a perceived need to embellish the truth, as if the truth all by itself is not enough.

Lies try to paint one's life in bright colors. Bright colors are bright, but there is a place for pastels too. The world right now is too much in bright colors, the contrast turned up, so it may be hard to know where to look. Softer colors are like silence. The light of truth carries its own brightness.

Hearts know truth. That is all they know.