The True You

God said:

Fear brings its own baggage. It brings indecision. It brings awareness of itself. It is a paralyzing drug. One injection, and you can't move. Fear fear. Don't let it catch you.

Catch love. Catch Me. Catch yourself.

Abandon fear, and find yourself.

Do not spend your life avoiding fear.

Have it banished.

Laugh at it, this sly alien that pretends it's your friend. When you think about it — when you really think about it — what is there to fear? Oh, I know you have a list, and your list of fears is big and each one grows as you add another to its list. You name them ahead of time. They become your agenda. They become potholes that you dig ahead of time in case you should come across any by accident on your own. You will make potholes a sure thing. You will accommodate your trip around them. You map them out.

What is there to fear? There are two categories: the crumbling of your body and the crumbling of your ego. And your ego is very much caught up in your body, so We can say all your myriad fears are one, and that is your ego. You think your body is your identity, and that ego is your survival. Your ego feeds your fears. And your fears feed your ego.

Your fears make you important, you think.

You think your fears are realism, but your fears are a fringe group heckling you on the sidelines.

Fears are made up. You were created. You made up your fears. Or you took someone else's. Or you took the world's. You made fears, but you were created as a filament of My love. That is the real, and you dwell on the unreal. You fight to make the unreal real. You have convinced yourself that your life is a search for fears that can only outnumber you, for each fear sprouts another fast. Fears are weeds of your imagination. And the more you fight them, the more there are. They are hard to vanquish, but easy to displace.

Replace your fears with Me. Allow Me to occupy those trembling places. Allow your attention to displace fear.

Your illusory body will crumble and your ego too.

And then you are left with Me, and I am your strength.

Do not try to keep your ego intact. Your ego is a ghost. It is only something you speculated. It is a specter of illusion.

Start with Me in the first place. You came from Me and you will return to Me. Return to Me now. Come to the truth of life rather than its folly. With or without body, you exist. With or without ego, you exist.

Find the true you. It is wonderful. The true you doesn't need ego. Ego is a false front. You have the armor of God, and the armor of God is love. Love is the survivor. Love is the winner. Every time. Do not let the little scenes on the stage of life convince you otherwise.

You do not need a sword, unless you mean a sword of love. But when you can fill the world with My love, why would you need a sword of it?

Observe love. Yes, that is your assignment today. Look for evidence of it. Observe it. Put your attention on love, and you will magnetize it. You will magnify it. You will see the magnificence of love, and your fears will build a hasty retreat.

Stop counting your fears. Count your love.

Know that God sent you, and it will be known.

Today, as you go out into the world, give it My love. ***

I will tell you what your deepest ungrounded fear is. It is that you are not loved. You think so many things mean you are not loved. You who are loved above all by the Greatest of All doubt that you are loved. You doubt your worthiness, and you doubt My love.

When you are disappointed, you think it means you are not loved. When you lose money or looks or success, or a loved one leaves his body, you think it means you are not loved. You think it is the end of love.

The good thing is you know that love matters more than money or looks or success, but you also think that they are evidence of love and that you need evidence. You think their presence is love given, and their absence is love denied or withdrawn.

Listen to Me: What is true beyond question needs no proof. You are loved. You are My beloved.

When you truly know My love and your receivership of it, you know Me. Faith is not a leap. Faith is a knowing. You have to know for yourself. All the stories in the world cannot give faith to you. You have to give it to yourself. Abandon your fears, and you know faith. Faith or fear, My children. You can't have both at the same time. Do not be discouraged. Fear backs away from where faith and love are, and My faith in you and My love for you are far greater than you can imagine. You do not begin to know.

Today, begin to know.

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You came from Me and you

You came from Me and you will return to Me. Return to Me now.


much love