God's Stars

God said:

Now that you know I love you, you do not need proof of love from others. You do not need proof of love from the world. Be beloved. Walk through life as one who is beloved. Then you are Christ.

Christ knew who and what he was. Therefore, he did not have to ask for anything. What did he ask for? What did he ask anyone to do for him or prove to him? His one request was that others come to Me and have the joy of knowing Me that was his. What did he ask but to give? And what he wanted to give was Me.

When did he say, "Hmm, what do I want today? What do I feel like? What is due me today? Who didn't do what I wanted yesterday? Who is in my way today?" One in joy simply does not think that way. He doesn't push those thoughts away. He doesn't assume a stance that is not his. He is with Me, and that is it. And that is enough. All else fades next to that.

I say all else fades. Its importance fades, but its light is brighter because My light is seen. My light that shines is seen. And what can that light be but reflected? There is no effort here.

Christ did not pull himself out of bed in the morning and think about all he had to accomplish. Not at all. He had nothing to accomplish but to follow Me. And I followed him. I went ahead of him, and I followed him, and he followed My orbit, and his step was firm. And others followed Me through him.

What was that sainted man that people still follow him today to Me? He was a bright star in the firmament. He lit up the universe, and his light still lights. But his light was never his, you understand. He knew Whose light it was and its perpetuality. He knew he was a moving star, and that I was the Mover.

You think that the difference between you and Christ is enormous. It is not. I tell you it is little. And the difference is becoming less and less.

You are going somewhere. You are coming into the light. Light is entering light. What are the possibilities? How much light is light entering light?

You are stepping into My light from which you will never leave. You may move, you may travel, but you will not leave. You will take Me everywhere with you. Your bearing will make Me known. My light shining in you and raying out from you will make Me known.

You are the shiners of My light.

You are lighted stars, and stars shine.

Today you are lighting up the universe.

It needs My light through you.

It has been lonely for My light.

Only you can shine it.

Don't wait for another star on the horizon.

You are the star on the horizon, and you are rising.

You rise to Me, and all look up at the brightness of My light within you. And what the eye sees, it follows. The path of your eyes is your direction. That is your map. Your eyes will lead you, and your eyes go toward light. And all will follow where your eyes take them.

They are following you now. Others are following you now.

Everyone is always following someone else. Now you know where you are leading. No longer will you follow any but Me.

No longer will you lead anyone into uncertainty. No longer will you lead anyone into doubt. Now you will lead others to where it is light, broad daylight, lit by frequent God's stars.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said One in joy
Is with Me and that is it
Come and have the joy

Love, Light and Aloha!