The Rumor of Fear

God said:

Fear is a rumor that got started. It is a study in contagion. It is a wayward bus. It is a fire that burns everything in its path. It is a cold sweat. It is an anomaly. It is a habit. It is a way of looking at things.

Change how you look at things. No more need you bow to fear. Fear tricked you, and it tricks you still.

Fear is a noise. It is a caged lion's roar. Fear became the tamer of you.

Notice how you honor fear. You let it overshadow you by overshadowing your awareness of Me. You think fear is real, and that I am not. Some things you have gotten wrong.

Somehow fear taught you that it was your friend. Well, it certainly is a companion, but a friend? I think not. Fear is a pretend friend who all the while plots your demise. It keeps you captive. It keeps you in its thrall.

It cries wolf to you. It sends you running. It flashes lightening as if a storm is coming, but all the while, fear itself is the storm. It warns you really of itself.

Fear is the rumor that a storm is coming. And fear makes a production and coaxes your imagination. Fear becomes your chief advisor. It warns you of itself. It catapults you into a frenzy of itself. Fear cuts your legs off, and it chains you to its shadow.

Have you not had enough of fear? Must you know it so well? Must you get to know it even better? Must you keep it?

Fear will not walk away from you. It's time for you to walk away from fear. Cut its head off, and you will see it is made of straw.

Fear is a football player that blocks your every move. You become a dodger of fear, and so your life is lived, bouncing off fear. Fear leaves you little. It doesn't want you to have anything.

Surmount your fears. Kick them out of the way. They are not your sustenance. They are your undoing. They make you inert. All the fear energy of the world engages in itself. Trade in your fears. Return them to the distortion they came from. Get your money back. Get yourself back. Undermine yourself no longer.

Fear is a tracker. It hunts you down. It is a virus. It is rampant. Fear coaches you to be wary of everything but itself.

Now it is time to abandon fear.

Adopt love. Adopt it now. Adopting is choosing. Choose love now. Love is your natural state and does not push its way into your awareness. It doesn't need to. It knows not of the existence of fear. It knows of the non-existence of fear. Love is not afraid of its own shadow or of rumors. It knows it outlasts fear that was only rumored in the first place.

Truth is the opposite of rumor, and truth is the same as love. The basis of life is love, not fear. But ego is well aware of fear. It is its servant.

Fear plays on your ego. Ego is that annoying prickly red-faced youth that thinks it must raise itself on the shoulders of humanity and be looked at in certain aggrandizing ways or it has failed. Ego is in love with the illusion of its grandeur, and fear uses your ego to keep you controlled all the while it kids you that you are the chief controller.

Ego is a jukebox that fear plays at will.

Remove your ego, and fear vanishes like a stone thrown in water.

Fear is a gnawer that has eaten its way through your life.

Think of life without fear.

Just think of it. What a relief!

Fear is a stimulant you do not need. It is really a depressant.

You need no stimulants. You need no depressants.

You need to be who you are, and you need to come to Me so that you know who you are. You who are without ego know that you are grander than ego. You rise to the occasion, and the occasion is love, and I am the Provider of it. Come to Me and not to fear. I am real, and fear is not. Fear is a rumor that got started and was fanned by the world, and you jumped on to that popular train of fear. Now jump off, and begin your life with Me.