Surrender to Love

God said:

Because there is no time, there is no urgency. But there is waste. Traveling in a wasteland when all of Heaven is open to you is barrenness, and barrenness is an urgent matter in Human terms. There is no time, but there is delay. There is love to be known and love to be given, and absence of it creates urgency. It could be called emergency. And emergency is when something must emerge. Emergency is like a delivery, and now, this moment of Heaven, is the time and place to deliver yourself to Me.

Of course, you have never left Me, so it is time for you to let go of your illusion. That is an emergency, to let go of the past. It is yourself that emerges. Like waves, My children emerge to Truth and drop off the captured illusions one by one or all at once.

I have no emergency, but you do.

All the urgencies you feel in life. All the rushing to get somewhere on time. To meet the right people. To do the right thing. All this is subterfuge for your appointment with Me. You know it is, because the satisfaction of getting to the corner on time doesn't fill the emptiness. Reaching your true destination will. Only reaching Me will. I fill the emptiness. I am the only One Who can.

You have My dance card. It already has My Name on it and yours. All you have to do is to fill in the (nonexistent) time of Our dance. Everything else is set. Everything else is in motion. You are in motion. The band plays, but you ignore the music. You go hither and yon. Just come hither. Stop going yon.

You rush to meet yourself, and you don't even know what you look like, so you miss yourself. You go right past yourself as you run your race against time. Do not race against. Come to.

I tell you to stop rushing at the same time I tell you to get where you're going. Stop a while. Pause. Know the direction you are going in. Enter the direction in your heart, and the direction comes with you. Your intention zeroes in on the direction that We set long ago in eternity. And that is following your heart. That is following Mine.

What you have been doing is following suffering. You follow accounts of it in the world, and you do your own. You promulgate suffering. You see it as proof that you have been wronged. That is reality, you say.

I say, no, absence of suffering is reality. But absence of suffering is not a vacuum state. Suffering itself is the vacuum state that sucks you up.

Where is the love in suffering or the extolling of it? Must you stay on the battlefield? Do you really think that skirmish is the force of life?

Your attention goes where you put it. Do you think that suffering can vanish only with your attention on it?

Protest doesn't remove the illusion of suffering. It is exaltation of it.

Belief in the holiness of suffering holds you in place. "Poor me," you say. "Poor world," you say. And you shake your head. You commiserate, and you uphold.

What if suffering were no more than confusion, and the suffering of the world mass confusion, confusion amassed? What if you were mistaken? What if you were the maker of suffering? If you were, you could release it. You could release the suffering of the world. You could lift it off its hinges. And you could throw it away.

You put such value on suffering, as though suffering were your God, and you owe it your allegiance. Suffering is not your God. Suffering is not the extent of the world. A shout was shouted long ago, and you hear the echo, and you call that echo suffering.

Make a new shout. Be like Christ who saw not suffering, and from his clear sight, it vanished. Because of his clear sight, the blind could see. And you can see.

What is all the fuss about? You have a destination with Me, and that means away from suffering. Suffering is of the past. And now is the present. Disband suffering. Come to Me now.

*** You must be very careful of what you express to others. You are in the business of uplifting My children or pulling them down. Your words are contagious. Other people buy your thoughts. And you buy others' thoughts. Be alert to what thoughts you let enter you.

One reason why you need Me in your life is because I uplift you. I uplift you to Truth. You need a counterbalance to all the negativity that flies to you. I will spare you negative thinking, and I will give you My vision. You need big vision, not small thinking.

You do not need to know what other people think of Me. You only need to know Me for yourself. Others want confirmation of their doubts. They may want you with them rather than with Me.

Other people's thoughts and energy may try to catch you and pull you down. For sure, I pull you up. Stay with Me, and you will rise high. Your spirits will rise high. Whenever you are dispirited, you have abandoned Me. Stay with Me, and We will raise the world.

*** Do you fear that coming with Me means you lose power? Do you fear that embracing Me with open arms is giving up something? Well, yes, it will mean giving up some well-ingrained illusions that you are partial to. That you know better than I is one of them. Yes, you must give that one up.

You say, "What kind of a God allows this travesty or that one?" And you beat your breast.

Stop beating your breast. There is no victory here for you. Surrender is for you. Surrender to love and not to travesty. Surrender your out-moded beliefs. Surrender your holding on to indictments. Surrender your heart to Me. Embrace Me.