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The Sacred Rythm of Life

Love Is God and God Is Love
It flows with Blessings from above
It Is The Source Of All That Is
In timelessness eternal bliss

It Is The Life Force in all things
It Is the song The Cosmos sings
It’s Divine food for hungry Souls
It’s nectar sweet all else consoles

It’s wondrous pure joyous free
Vibrant boundless He and She
As was as is will always be
Abiding in infinity

In Divine bliss it ebbs and flows
The Light of God in radiance glows
In breaths out breaths changing growing
Itself through Life Pure Love Is knowing

In timelessness in joy and smiles
In silent knowing Love beguiles
Eternity Is All There Is
In gratefulness Pure Love I kiss

In sacred rhythm of pure rhyme
And feelings that are so sublime
My Love doth speak without a word
His Divine Essence surely heard

And so I share the Love I feel
Its inner beauty I reveal
Come take a sip of sacred wine
From Divine table come and dine




O Dearest Mary Your words

O Dearest Mary
Your words are like nectar, like sacred wine
your table is set for all the beings of light
the table in the kitchen
of the heart of Heaven
your words are food that feeds all of our souls.
Thank you kindly for the divine organic meal you have offered to us!

organic love, smiles and hugs

Oh bless you sweet sister ~

Oh bless you sweet sister ~ thank you so much!
'tis my joy and pleasure to share my gifts!

Much Love and many Blessings to you




Dearest Mary, You have

Dearest Mary,

You have painted a most beautiful portrait of Love! Thank you.

...and thanks to you too

...and thanks to you too Dear Heart, for your Divine Presence here!

Love you!