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Vision of Love

The Life Force stirs
Within my Being
Waking gently
Love’s Light seeing

Whispers soft
Within my ear
Words of Love
My Soul doth hear

Wondrous feelings
Fill my Soul
Enveloping me
Within The Whole

Fragrance Pure
In Arms of Love
My Soul doth soar

Pure Matrix forms
Of Love Divine
Inviting me
Sip sacred wine

With arms outstretched
My Love awaits
I journey through
Pure golden gates

I merge with Him
In heart and Soul
Our Spirits One
I Am now Whole

Lost in time
In sacred kiss
In Love’s Pure Bliss



such positivity of

such positivity of's like being in a field of flowers, hearing the stream, seeing the birds, one with the wind and the trees...and everything that perfectly abides in God's wondrous residence from High...lovely....michael:)

Pure Bliss!!!!

Pure Bliss!!!!

Such pure love and

Such pure love and gentleness, and such a wonderful and exellent way of expressing and playing with words, you always leave me totally speachless dearest Mary. Your poems are love whispers that speak from soul to soul.

Indeed Pure Bliss !!

Much love and thanks dearest Angel !

mwah mwah

:wub: :Rolleyes: :wub:

mwah mwah mwah

O so so so beautiful your

O so so so beautiful
your words have so much love in them!
you are a divine poet!
keep shining!
Organic love,

Bless you Nomvula ~

Bless you Nomvula ~ thankyou!

My joy's to receive
To taste and to share
Pure Essence of God
Nought else can compare

His Love fills my Soul
Her Light guides my way
I honour Love's Name
In all that I say

Happy and joyful
Boundless and free
In Love I do swim
In Divine wondrous sea




Dear Mary - your poems are

Dear Mary - your poems are finding Heaven on Earth!
Thank you sweet sister - fellow poet!

Thankyou so much beloved

Thankyou so much beloved Sister Mary!
I, like you, love to share my gifts with all.