The Rising Star

God said:

Turn in the direction of your closeness with Me. Your spirituality will rise and captivate you.

Take more notice of Me. Perhaps you run away from Me. In theory, you can evade Me, but it is not as if you really can, for I pursue you. I will have you enjoin yourself with Me. We will marry, beloveds. We have been betrothed since the beginning of time. You betrothed yourself to Me. You know I am your One and Only. You may dodge away from this thought, but you cannot escape it. When all is said and done, there is you and there is I, and that’s the magnitude of what is. On this you can rely.

All you counted on may be fleeting, but not I. All you treasured may leave you, but not I. I am your ultimate treasure. I am the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Of course, I am at the beginning as well. I am the rainbow. I am the bridge to Myself. A rainbow is quite circular, and as you traverse it, you also find yourself, for you stand with Me at the end of the rainbow. You never moved an inch. You stand in radiance and in such beauty as you had not imagined, and yet you have always known.

Even so, you believe you do not yet know what a beautiful soul you are. You have avoided knowing, for you have been exploring the treasures of the world and relishing in them. That is as it should be, yet now your attention turns in another direction. Now you seek other treasures, and you will find that they lie within you. They have been there all along. They have been for safe-keeping within you, fresh as a daisy, yearning to be picked, yearning to boost your heart, yearning to awaken within you.

I call you to you now. Do you hear Me whisper your name?

Beloved, come to Me now. Stay with Me. Know that I wander the Earth with you, and that you sit in Heaven beside Me. Here is your throne. The world is your chair, but in Heaven you abide. Whatever seems to befall on Earth, you are at Home with Me, safe beside Me, and enthroned in My heart, most comfortable here, never tiring, never needing to get up, never needing anything, never having to reach out for more, because all is here, right within reach. It always was.

And so now, beloveds, you know where you sit. You know where you are. You know with Whom you are. And you know Who you are. You know the Vastness We have created and are immersed in. Immersed in Vastness, you are the Vastness. You are the rising star of the Universe, and beholden to love and nothing less. You are beholden to the beauty of love. Love in every direction. Love holy. Love holy because it is boundless. Love divine because it is Heaven itself speaking. Love extant, blazing from everywhere and to everywhere all over the known and unknown worlds. Love has come to know itself and the extent of itself reaching everywhere, even when there is nowhere to reach for all has been reached. There is no time nor space to confuse love with anything else. There is no something else. This is love in full blossom, its petals everywhere, even when there is nowhere and nothing but the full blossoming of love, drifting like snow, falling on you.