That Which Never Sleeps

God said:

You may like to sit around a lot, yet your body likes to move. That's what your body was made for. You have a physical body while you are on the physical plane. What do you have it for if not to move?

Even a newborn baby moves its arms and legs.

Of course, your body rests too. Exercise. Rest. Exercise. Rest. There is a rhythm, sort of like the way an inchworm moves. Pull, stop. Pull, stop. Toward, stop. Toward, stop. Pull, catch up, pull some more, stop some more.

Where All Your Light Is Revealed

God said:

Do you see how a tall tree grows? It is not copying another tree. It is not trying to be a tall tree. It is only being itself, layer by layer. It is like, as the tree grows, it exhales in total relaxation. There is no effort. The tree is not trying to attain, achieve, perform or anything at all except to just be the tree he is.

You see where I am going here. My children go through all sorts of somersaults trying to attain to something. Trees just attain their full growth without exertion. They are not running a race with other trees or even with themselves.

The Spinning of the Universe

God said:

I send out a call to arms, arms of love, that is. Everything is within your grasp, so you might as well hug it. Hug the globe of the world, and then spin it. You and the world are spinning anyway. There is not a moment that you are not spinning, and there is not a moment when you are not in absolute stillness.

The thought that you are spinning may be dizzying, but the spinning itself is calming.

There are rides at amusement parks that spin you. They are nothing next to the natural spinning of the Universe and you. The Whirling Dervishes are on to something.

Relative and Spiritual

Bev Allen is a technical recruiter. She is a beautiful woman on every level. Here is just a small sample of her very first Godwriting from the most recent Ask God Workshop. She will give us more. — Gloria

Bev to God:

God, I find I have resistances to hearing/writing Your words.

God to Bev:


God said:

Receiving joy and giving joy are not much different. Either way, joy is emanated. When you receive joy, you radiate it. When you give joy, you radiate it. Be a receiver of joy in the universe, and you will be a full-fledged giver of it.

So be a seeker of joy. Look for it around every corner. It is a fruitful thing to have joy on your mind, for soon it will enter your heart.

Make joy your prey. Admit it: you are hungry for joy.

Be a bounty hunter of joy. If joy has bailed out on you, go on its trail and bring it back.

You Are God's Light

God said:

Everyone has a role to fulfill. Everyone has a spiritual goal to fulfill. Spiritual may have a different meaning from what you think. Spiritual is not separate from worldly life. It isn't something else. It isn't another track to run on. You who are spirit are already leading a spiritual life. And all on earth are spirit. You were made in My image. This means you reflect Me. You can't help it.

I wonder what would happen on earth if everyone accepted that they are the Spiritual Beings they are.

Room at the Inn

God said:

Hard to believe, you are Divinity in a Human form. To be alive is a divine thing. Certainly, you don’t think you are just bones and sinew? There is a quality within you that surpasses appearance, all appearance. There is a quality within you that surpasses your physical, emotional, and even your spiritual parameters. However much you surmise your spiritual strengths, there is greater yet. Those who appear uninterested in spiritual evolution may not be behind.

The Rising Star

God said:

Turn in the direction of your closeness with Me. Your spirituality will rise and captivate you.

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