That Which Never Sleeps

God said:

You may like to sit around a lot, yet your body likes to move. That's what your body was made for. You have a physical body while you are on the physical plane. What do you have it for if not to move?

Even a newborn baby moves its arms and legs.

Of course, your body rests too. Exercise. Rest. Exercise. Rest. There is a rhythm, sort of like the way an inchworm moves. Pull, stop. Pull, stop. Toward, stop. Toward, stop. Pull, catch up, pull some more, stop some more.

Of course, the physical is all illusory, and so, in illusion, the seeming body moves, and the seeming body stays still. How real is the physical on the physical plane, and yet the spiritual peeks in and has its say, and, in truth, it is the spiritual that has its way.

You are not a marionette, and yet, no matter what it may seem like to you, the spiritual pulls the strings. This may seem contrary to you at the same time as you recognize that you are subject to a higher power that wakes you up. What is it that is awakened? What is it that goes to sleep? Rather, what is it that never sleeps? Only the physical requires sleep. It requires sleep in the same way as the physical desires movement, the same way an inchworm goes about making its way in the world.

Eyes open, and eyes close.

The mouth speaks. The mouth closes.

The mind is alert. The mind waits, and the mind stuffs itself.

You are never alone, and yet you sometimes feel alone. Even when you are in a crowd of people that ultimately do not exist as separate from you, you may feel alone and weep. And, yet, beloveds, can one end of a carpet be separate from the other end? Is a carpet really separate from the floor? From whom are you separate? Certainly not from Me, nor I from you.

And yet you exert, and yet I stay still. I never move, and yet I move the world. Only on the physical is the world such a conundrum.

How can there be the movement of war when peace exists? How can there be silence in the midst of noise? How can there be love in the midst of turmoil? And yet there is peace, and yet there is silence, and yet there is love, and love rules the whole shebang. Love is what moves you. It may be love for you know not what, and yet love leads you, pushes you, moves you.

And so the body moves, and so the body sleeps. And so the mind rushes here and there, wears itself out, and your heart beats, and yet there are pauses between every beat. Could there be a beat without a pause?

There are pauses between every step you take. There are pauses between words. There are pauses between thoughts. There are pauses. There is rushing, and there is slowing down. Your life plays certain notes, and so your life is played out.

And what is it, this motion, this stillness, this start and this stop? What is this hullabaloo all about? It is about nothing at all except movement and its start in silence, and yet there is That all along which never moves and is ever silent. And yet how does silence exist in the midst of hullabaloo? And yet it does. And you have consciousness of yourself, and you have consciousness of Myself, as if I were a stranger to you when I am all of you, and you are all of Me.

How contrary is life, isn't it? It is a hop and a skip, and it goes only where it has always been. It never departs. The train never leaves the station, and yet it follows in its tracks, and you are following yourself all the way to Me where you have always been, and so you ponder, and so you live, wandering, as it were, when all the while you are stationed firmly in My heart. What a great place for you to be, right here, where you always are, and where I AM too. We are clasped together in an embrace from which there is no cease.

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Immerse yourself...

"...There are pauses between every step you take. There are pauses between words. There are pauses between thoughts. There are pauses. There is rushing, and there is slowing down. Your life plays certain notes, and so your life is played out...."

This is a deep one....Let it soak slowly and softly within. Immerse yourself... This too is who I are.

loving and blessing. Jim and Jimi.

And yet there is peace, and

And yet there is peace, and yet there is silence, and yet there is love, and love rules the whole shebang. Love is what moves you. It may be love for you know not what, and yet love leads you, pushes you, moves you.

What a beautiful message but then aren't they all

Yes Jim & Jimi it is a deep one but then aren't they all :-)

Only Love exists. What do we need to 'see' it? Love! How do we 'see' Love? By wiping the soot away. How do we wipe the soot away? With Love. For only Love exists


Wow! Just as I sat here

Wow! Just as I sat here talking to God about me understanding the need for exercise in order to bring down insulin resistance and here this heavenletter pops up w/i minutes of that conversation. God awe-inspires me in how he can be so OBVIOUS about things. : ) I have an inner push pull with what I know is good for me and then actually doing it. This heavenletter came just minutes after I committed to walk everyday even if just for 10 minutes. I understand the deeper meaning of God's letter to us to us today but the surface of it spoke to me loud and clear! I guess God can be subtle but in my life....he usually is quite direct and rather blunt. It's okay, that's how I like it. : ) So, I shall actually try to use my 10 minutes to 1/2 hour a day walking to quiet my mind. I don't do this enough. I have constant racing thoughts and much chatter. I think I can use this time wisely not just for the physical benefit but by getting outside w/ my boy (Chihuahua Mini Pin) and just clearing my mind and not allowing in chatter. I have a feeling that before long, I might start to cherish this time. Interesting. Timely. Thank you.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Realities of physical living

As spiritual beings in this 3rd dimensional space of divinity's duality we are born into certain environments and standards of living. Yet I often hear messages about the negativities of worrying, emotions stress, illness, wars, etc. Most of these messages do not address the fact that each of these issues go with the experiences we are meant to have as part of our over-soul's experiences in this dimension. Furthermore very little is said about the plight of those whose existence we tend to hide under the carpet or ignore.

How can I as a universal citizen say to a beggar, a starving person or a destitute whose sufferance is caused by world greed or economic manipulation 'dont worry, and be happy, or at peace'.To these and hundreds of millions of other beings such altruistic ideas are an illusion, or an unattainable utopian dream. I am sure if we were in their circumstances we would be more likely to question what is reality.

A rich man can sit amongst his wealth and be blind to the poverty around him, and it seems some spiritual messages seem to avoid this subject. If we are true spiritual warriors of light, then it also encompasses seeking justice, equity and equality for every human being. In such endeavors, emotions, worry, anger, etc are also positive traits which spur and kindle our passion and drive to action.

Passiveness and denial about the harsh realities of the lives for others is not the solution or answer. I would like some of our divine spirit friends to be more relevant in their messages, not just issue talk about flowery generalities, about utopian issues, or about love thy neighbor, as loving and spreading light with not save a person in crisis from possible starvation etc. by those who have different ideals and agendas.

Dr. Phil says all the time:

Dr. Phil says all the time: "Is this working for you?" What has the world been doing but focusing on the negativity!

Beloved John, you have a good caring heart.

I want everyone in the world to read this powerful true story that my brother Ali from Iran posted.

Dear John, I think everyone

Dear John,

I think everyone has his own task. You are undeniably warrior of light; someone else could be a saint who wach everything and blessing everything; someone other is a victim and so on. Everyone has an important task to unwind. It would be so fantastic if all people could rise togheter in the same time, but not so by now. It's true that everyone has the task to do better his little bit of world.
My father always said that every man has his own brick to put on the wall of the world. The only important thing is to do better. Perhaps it is a narrow point of view but is fitting. Who doesn't see, will see. Who doesn't know, will know.
And it would seem very soon.

Further in and higher up;

Further in and higher up; the awareness is clarified, awakened...expanded. For the eyes that see the message there is awakening of compassion and other faculties of being that allow navigation in this realm. The natural movement that arises from compassion, this blossoming flower of love, is practical, effective action as the catalyst for change.

I have looked into the sparkling eyes of ones existing under challenging conditions, into the dull eyes of ones living in luxury and vice versa.

Our practical actions are catalysts to change at all levels.

A thought is an action.


The world is illusory! Everything physical is an illusion. I breathe and yet I don't breathe
because my Spirit doesn't need to breathe. Because when I stop breathing. I am with
YOU who does NOT need to take a physical breath. How CONTRARY is life!!! There is
no physical world! It's all a dream!

And when we see what seems like a country which wants to threaten war now and forsake peace, is that country not a part of YOU who loves Peace? YOU ARE PEACE. So war is meaningless and so how can the meaningless threaten You WHICH IS ETERNALLY PEACEFUL? How can countries be separate from other countries and Not Truly Love Peace? We all want Peace. We, You and Us are clasped together in an embrace of Love and Peace.

I AM BEWILDERED BY ALL THE MYSTERY! i want to wake up from all this!!! That's
all I can say!


Dar Mary,

i remember very well a God'letter when was wrote just about war/peace. It got around the energy of people five miles around the country in war.
I know very well some friend want help us to refer to number.


There are pauses between. Between every thing. Every move contains a pause and this pause is the secret of awareness. In the middle of word's affairs pauses contain the beauty. I think we don't look at pauses, nor we belive their existence. Every action is opposite to pause. Not to talk about pauses of thinking!! There we can reach our heart.
Live more pauses, less actions.

Love you all

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said love leads you
For love rules the whole shebang
Love is what moves you

Love, Light and Aloha!