God the Doer

That Which Never Sleeps

God said:

You may like to sit around a lot, yet your body likes to move. That's what your body was made for. You have a physical body while you are on the physical plane. What do you have it for if not to move?

Even a newborn baby moves its arms and legs.

Of course, your body rests too. Exercise. Rest. Exercise. Rest. There is a rhythm, sort of like the way an inchworm moves. Pull, stop. Pull, stop. Toward, stop. Toward, stop. Pull, catch up, pull some more, stop some more.

How to Bless

God said:

Let Me put words into your mouth. Let Me speak through you. And that is what I do do. I open your mouth. I move your arms and your legs. I open your heart, for I am the Mover of the Universe, and I move you.

You are caught in a maelstrom of My love.

You cannot get out of it. Don't try.

Ask that you hear My thoughts and speak My words.

Ask that you be so filled with My love that every utterance from your mouth is from Me.

Ask that you be so filled with My love that every act from your heart is from Me.

That every painting you make is from Me.

God Is Not Santa Claus

God said:

Beloveds, I am not Santa Claus. Do not think that you can make a list, and that I will deliver everything on your list even if you have been very good? I am not going to give you a shiny red fire truck or an El Dorado every time. These are for you to deliver to yourself.

I am not a genie in a bottle who must fulfill your every whim, grant your every wish, be at your beck and call.

I am not a magic potion that will make your body young again.

Nor am I Cupid who will shoot an arrow and make someone you designate fall in love with you because that's what you want.

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