The Present

God said:

When you feel anxiety, you have been holding on to the past. Feelings of anxiety are not possible when you are in the present. Thoughts of past and future allow anxiety to take a hold. I and the moment are the same.

Consider the present a wavelength, and the past and the future wavelengths also. My wavelength is always in the present. You see into My eyes in the present, for I gaze at you now.

The present is not made up of thoughts, although it is its own awareness. Awareness is not self-conscious. Being in the present is like when you hug spontaneously. You do not think: "I will hug this person." Or you do not think: "I am hugging this person." You just hug. You are hugging. When you start to think about it, you have stopped engaging in the present moment, and have engaged in the thought about it. Thoughts are not where the momentousness is.

Of course, your mind is a ticker tape of thoughts. You were taught so. You were taught to think, and you were taught to do. Beingness was not in the script the world handed you, but beingness is encrypted within you.

Coming back to the present — being in the present is like the eating of a piece of cake. The present is not the digesting. It is the moment the cake enters your mouth and you taste it.

It is well to begin tasting life and to consider all the flavors. Sweetness is not the only taste. When you welcome experience more than non-experience, you will savor all the tastes. This is another way of saying that you will be glad to be alive.

Life is not an even line. You are the even line. Seek not for evenness outside you. Maintain your balance, and rocky roads will not deter you. You walk over them. They do not run roughshod over you.

Squeeze the juice from life like an orange. Drink it. Imbibe the God-given life that is yours. Relish it. Twirl it. You carry life. Life doesn't carry you.

Be original. Be authentic. What do you wait for?

Life is not to come to grips with. Life is to walk over. Might as well enjoy the terrain.

Moving forward in life does not have to mean greater action, although it may. Moving forward is more like the platform you come from. Greater action in the same place does not move you forward. Greater vision leads you forward. It heralds your arrival.

Envision a great path, and then go on it.

Envision a great undertaking, and then take it.

Envision a beam of light straight from Me to you.

Envision it enveloping you, this beam of golden light, as it falls from My eye to crown you.

Envision the stream of My light cascading around you and through you.

When you step left, My light follows you.

When you step right, you follow My light.

There is no left nor right in Heaven, so wherever you step, I am with you. We cannot discern Who follows Whom because We cannot be apart. We are simultaneous.

When you are in the moment, you engage with Me, and that is the simultaneity of love.

Love is not a thought. It is not an action either. An action may consist of love, but the action is not love.

Aspire to love. When you cannot feel love, then engender appreciation. Appreciation will lead you to love. You can even appreciate that which you do not love and change how it appears. Your appreciation can turn discomfort into joy just as dross can turn into gold.

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God = the present moment

"I and the moment are the same."

Yes...I believe this to be true. God doesn't live in either the past or the future. God lives now. Since God and Love are the same, Love lives now too. Love loves to live now.

I love Love...and I love you! Jim and Jimi.