Ego Walks on Stilts

God said:

Be joyful that your ego is diminishing. Be done with it. Disband from it.

Who is this individual that bears a name in the world? From what place of denial does anything at all bother you? My child, My child, that is who you are — My child. You are not ego. You are not that painting out there. You are not just someone. You are God's child.

You are not a rubber ball on earth to be bounced around. You are a being of love, and love cannot be affronted. The truth of you is unassailable. And yet you duck your truth, time and time again, and bear the marks of the world on you.

Do not look for approbation from the world. You will have plenty of it, but do not look for it. Do not look for the slings and arrows either for they will also come on their own. Be neutral.

And how do you become neutral?

Just keep looking at Me, you who bears an individual name in the world. Remember My love. Remind yourself that you serve Me in joy. In anguish, you serve no one, not Me, not yourself, and not the ones who seemingly offend you.

Only ego can be offended. Only ego can smart. Only ego keeps you away from your fullness enjoyed in My love.

Try this: Be glad for whatever comes to erase ego from you. Ego is an interloper and a usurper. You don't need it. It does not help you. Be glad for those who bring ego to your attention so that you can shake it away.

When ego builds you up or knocks you down — either way — it does not serve you. Ego is a hollow sales-pitch. It means nothing. Ego is far far away from the truth of you, and that's why you get hurt with it. Whatever feeds your ego is also far from the truth of you. And whatever offends it is also far from the truth of you.

In truth, what does it matter what someone thinks of you? Whether they think highly of you or poorly, what does that have to do with Us? When you buy into someone's opinion of you, you are letting vagrancy rule you. You become the yo-yo, up and down, up and down, pulled by some invisible strings. Be not attached to strings.

Or consider ego claws that have gotten a hold of you. Unflex your ego muscle, and the claws will fall off.

Put those who offend your self-esteem into My light. They have been as attached to ego as you. And they suffer from it as well. Have mercy on them, and put them into My golden light.

Do not feel that emptying yourself of ego empties you. It allows the fullness of you to rise. Ego is only frosting. My children cannot live on frosting alone.

Consider ego make-up. It makes you look good, but then it always washes off.

Do not feel bereft when another layer of ego goes. Remember that the evaporation of ego makes more room for Me and for you, the you who exists far beyond the cloaks of ego, the you that existed before ego and exists after. The you who is never more or less. It is only that you, as you truly are, have been buried by ego, yours and others'.

Ego, begone, and you, My child, rise from the ashes of ego. Rise high. Unfold yourself from the crouching position ego kept you in. Rise higher. Rise to your full stature. You are a giant of love, and you have been masquerading as a speck of ego. Ego walks on stilts. You fly.

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I am not ego

Yes, Father God. I am not ego. Ego walks on stilts, and both stilts and ego are powerless. Powerless because they have no existence in Truth. What doesn't exist in Truth cannot be said to exist anywhere at all. Simple logic.

Thank You for removing ego. I love the idea of being glad when something triggers ego, because that gives me the opportunity to shake it off. Help me be awake and aware enough to use every opportunity to shake ego off with Grace.

Neither praise, nor criticism touches ME. It cannot because I AM untouchable and unchangeable. I AM ever the Same Love. If there is something within me that seems to change from criticism or praise, it is NOT ME.

May ego go away and never come back. Your Will be done.