The Past, Part I

God said:

You, who feel so connected to the past, who are indeed a wave of the past, find yourself in the position of having to let go of the past, the dear and the not so dear.

Consider yourself created today, full-grown. Consider yourself without memory. Consider yourself new. What delights would you see before you? You would ooh and ah, and you would know the gifts that you have been given.

The past proves nothing. It was only a blip.

It just isn't important. It never was. Let it go.

When you let go, you will not take life so seriously, for you do take it seriously. Life is crucial to you. You are mounting a battle every day that you feel you must win. And here is God, telling you that you have nothing to lose, nothing to lose but past outdated outmoded thinking. But, "Look," you say, "what does God know? He doesn't have this physical body to be tied to."

And I tell you that you are not tied to it either. Your physical body and physical life are not the limits of you. Make peace with Human life. You are preoccupied with it, that's true, but it is not your serious occupation. Now try not being preoccupied with it. For the very sake of your life, make it a hobby.

When you are so serious, what happens? You are tense. You hold onto everything. You are attached. More than attached. You have bitten into your life and won't let go for the life of you.

And I say, "Let go."

When you are in an ocean and you feel you are drowning, the thing to do is to lie back. The more you struggle, the more you struggle.

I am telling you not to struggle. If something must turn out a certain way because you have decided it must, you will indeed struggle. But struggle is hitting what has already moved. Struggle is beating a shadow.

Relax in life, and you will get further. You will get higher.

Tension freezes you. It holds you in place. It knots you up, and then you have to unravel. Do not ravel in the first place.

Life is not a contest.

You don't have to win it.

You don't know what winning is!

Winning is letting go.

Letting go is not drifting, although, it's all right to drift now and then too.

Letting go is stopping to struggle.

When you feel you have to struggle, you are struggling against something. And usually it is your doubts that you are struggling against. And you may personify your doubts and find them all around you in people and events.

Personify what you want rather than what you avoid.

If you can materialize what you don't want, you can materialize what you do want.

When you spend your life looking back, you miss the present. Spend your life looking back, and you relive the past. Let the past go. You don't need it anymore. You never really did.

The purpose of the past was to get you where you are.

Now that you are where you are, turn the direction of your eyes and look at Me, for that is how you leave your wayward self behind and find your Self. Your true self is not what has happened to you in the past. Nothing has happened to you. You are inviolate of happenings. You can never be diminished nor added to.

You are a beautiful being of Mine. Why bother with all those other thoughts that bring you turmoil. Do you enjoy turmoil so much? Do you enjoy the story more than the Author?

Accept the peace I give you. Let My peace sink into you, and you will rise up, and you will begin to see.

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For the very sake of your

For the very sake of your life, make it a hobby.