The Past, Part II

God said:

Not only do you remember and relive the past, you regret it. You rue the past. You rue decisions you made, and you rue, or at least wonder about, decisions you did not make. You think, I should have taken that job and not the one I did. Or, at least you think, I wonder what would have happened had I chosen that other job. What if you had married that man instead of this man? What if you had had more children or none? And you wonder what your life might have been altogether had you changed your choices, or if you had chosen even the same but for the right reasons. And for you, right reasons are based on what is important to you now and not your past vision.

Do not rue the past.

Are you not well-pleased that you are with Me now? What led you to Me? Only your right-considered choices? Had you made other turns in the road, are you sure you would be here before Me right now? How do you know that all of your choices were not the right ones at that moment of fabricated time?

Dear Children, do not have misgivings. Rejoice in your choices. Be glad for them, for you are here before Me now. I look into your eyes, and you begin to see that your eyes meet Mine. Should you regret the events that brought you to My door? Should you regret the life that was given you? Let your heart leap at the life that was given you and all you did with it. Then you will let the past go.

The past matters not a whit. Judgment is always of the past. And you judge everyone and everything, and you judge your own life. And you judge harshly. Judgment is harsh because it is not the heart that sits in judgment. A law officer part of you flips through the pages of your life and catches you in error. Judgment looks for error. It looks for condemnation. Its joy is in catching you red-handed. Judgment should be red-faced, not you.

What if every unwarranted thing you ever did was really right?

Why mull it over? Assume it was right, and go on.

Regrets can only be of the past. And the past is a waste of the present. You can be sure it's a waste to dwell on the past. Past means gone. Out of the picture.

The world will say you are a product of the past. But that is your choice.

In truth, you are not a product of the past. In truth, you are a creation of God, not a product at all. You are My vision.

I envisioned you. I took My light and shone it on earth. I gave earth you. Or did I give you the earth? Or is there any difference.

What you do with your life is not a weighty issue. We do not examine it.

It is not your life that We are concerned with. It is you that is paramount. Pay more attention to you and less to your life. Do you see the difference?

Pay attention to My child. Pay more attention to you yourself and less to the events that surround you. My estimation of you is not based on circumstances. It is not based on your choices. It is based on you. I see aright, and you see mistakenly.

You also can see aright now. Let My eyes wash over you, and the past is erased. The past fades as the moon at dawn. The past was just a shadow anyway. Leave your shadow behind you. Come to Me where there is no shadow. Come to the Light that shines in you whether you know it or not. But choose to know it. Choose to know it now.

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