An Instance of Eternity

God said:

I am teaching you to be in the moment. That is what We are talking about. Not in the past. Not ahead of time. But in the moment which is no moment at all but which is an instance of eternity. You are getting onto the Grand Steering Wheel. You are getting off the tiny toy ones. You will not fall off the Grand Steering Wheel, but you must get off the toys.

Pictures of life were drawn for you, and you accepted them. Someone took a stub of a pencil and sketched a place for you. They drew a picture of you, and they drew little things around you, and you thought this sketch was true.

But I have a bigger picture of you. There is no canvas to hold My picture of you. There is nothing big enough to hold My drawing of you because Mine is truth, and you are bigger than the universe. You are vaster than the vast. All pictures of you are false except Mine. My drawing of you, which is the same as to say you, is not an outline. It is not a smudge. It is not a distortion. It is not a minimized copy of you. It is not an aggrandized one either. It is simply you in the purity of Godness, My image planted in a small body.

You are not an attempt at greatness. You are greatness. You are My greatness. I am a magnificent Creator, and I create magnificence. What else would I create?

Change your seeing.

Change your picture of yourself.

That is all you can change.

It is your picture of yourself that has to change.

My picture of you cannot change.

You might as well accept Truth.

I am the Steering Wheel of your life. Come with Me. Come to My vision. Come to My way of seeing. Come to My way of being. Come sit with Me, and together We take a flightless flight.

Where would you like to be?

Is there some place other than with Me that you want to be?

There is no place without Me. Your true place is in My heart. That is where you are.

That you sit in an imagined chair in an imagined country does not displace your seat with Me.

You are not a displaced person on earth.

You are Our Oneness placed there for a moment in eternity.

There is no displacement. That is what I am trying to tell you. You have nothing to run to. You have nothing to run from.

All is.

You are a star in the firmament of Heaven.

There is nothing but Heaven.

And there is nothing but you and Me.

There is nothing but Our Oneness.

Turn yourself to Me.

I turn the Steering Wheel of life so that you may come to your realization of Me right away, not later, not sometime, not another time, not another life, but this one, right here, right now. Come to Me. Okay?

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