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The Miracle of Polio

Yes - that's right - polio was actually a miracle in my life. When I was five, I contracted paralytic polio and God came to me in a vision...I had occasionally shared what happened with a few people at a Church I used to attend but now I am 'out of the closet' (so to speak) and share this openly to let God's love flow. I was so blessed to meet someone for lunch yesterday who I worked with 25 years ago -- our paths briefly crossed but an article was printed in the Boston Globe about five years ago called, "Can Weird Science Save the Red Sox?" He talked about the power of intercessory prayer -- yes that's right a physician and a psychiatrist no less .:) I had been drawn to his article and to him. Then through amazing syncrhonicity we reconnected (I posted on the post polio health website ,'What works for me" and a woman in Texas read my post. She asked me if you can really feel better despite having post polio. I email'ed my acquaintance of 25 years ago to ask him for an integrative medicine referral in Texas and before we knew it, we were having lunch) and he wanted to learn all about my vision and my journey.
While I was paralyzed I saw God on the ceiling (He actually looked like Neale Donald Walsch -- when I read Conversations with God last year and saw his picture, I gasped) - just a head and He invited me to step into a well bucket and reeled me to Him. And no matter where I looked, in my storybook, on the ceiling, whether my eyes were open or closed, there He was bringing me comfort and love.
In 2006, I was diagnosed with post polio syndrome and when my body was at its absolute worst, my heart opened wide to God. I have had so many miracles happen in my life since I was given the gift of polio a 2nd time -- but one of the most amazing miracles in my life is my ability to change my perception and release my fears and worries and feel overwhelming joy and love and freedom. And to believe and truly feel that 'all is well and in Divine order'.
I have been so blessed with amazing healers and teachers and am overflowing with gratitude.
The manifestation of my inward changes is in amazing health -- I am training with a personal trainer and my dream is to run the Boston Marathon next year and raise a lot of money for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital whose staff helped me to take the first steps on my amazing journey. And one of the first steps I took was absolute surrender in love - I loved myself with a brace and cane and wheelchair and limitations and God met me in that state of love.
I now have been blessed to meet all of you and share my gifts of poetry and faith and LOVE! and to receive the gifts from all of you.
I have had the miracle of reconciliation with my brother and am now connecting with a lot of friends from our high school days. I have discovered Conversations with God, reconnected with Dr. Bernie Siegel (who led me to this amazing place), am reconnecting with friends and former coworkers who I disconnected from when I began to feel the beginnings of the dis-ease of post polio and entered into a state of depression and despair. Thank God for the miracle of 2nd (and sometimes third and fourth and fifth....) chances in this wonderful life of ours. And I continue to experience the miracle of growth and love with all of you!
With blessings and gratitude to you all for allowing me to share my miracle with you all.

Dearest Mary, I am totally

Dearest Mary,

I am totally lost in awe at the beauty of your heart and of your posting and the gentle love that you bestow on all of us.
I have read Neale books and seen some video also and it made me laugh when you say he looked like God, for at a certain point during a video, I did hold my breath for he reminded me so much of Jesus, and I really liked that.
I would love to meet Bernie Siegel, for I like his postings and the introduction he made to Heaven cd, and I did have a look at his site, I really think he's special in a way I can not define, it's more a feeling, a magnetic feeling.
You sharing so gently your path with us shows, that true surrender and true love can do miracles and I am so glad for the wonderful things that are happening in your life.
We are indeed blessed that you found this wonderful Heavenfamily !
My mom got polio too when she was a small girl, my grandma had a dream about it and took her too the hospital and would go home only if the doctors made all the checks for polio. They thought my grandma was nuts but after the checks they had to tell her that my mom had to undergo operation for polio. They saved my mom. She has difficulty in walking for the leg is weak, but she is living her life and I thank God for this miracle.

Thanks dearest Mary for being here right now with us !

Much much love

My dear Berit -- the hairs

My dear Berit -- the hairs on my arm stood on end when I read your comment about my posting. Have you thought about joining Bernie's Forum? It is absolutely fantastic...I don't know if he travels to Europe to give workshops so perhaps it is meant for you to come to the United States. I know there would be a way for you to meet him and of course you could stay with us here in Boston.
We knew there was a deep spiritual connection between us -- but I had no idea your mom is also a polio survivor. Bernie always talks about the importance of dreams in our lives. You are right when you feel a magnetic draw to him -- I am so blessed that I will see him next Saturday at the Cape Cod Health and Wellness Expo...I shall give him an extra hug from Berit in Italy .:)
Blessings are flowing across the Ocean to you and everyone you hold dear.
Gloria - God bless you for bringing such amazing souls together! And God Bless St. B of course!
Thank you -- with so much love, gratitude and hugs -

Oh Mary, I hope one day to

Oh Mary, I hope one day to be able to see the States, I'd love it. I don't know either if he gives workshops in europe, but right now I am not in the position of staying away from home for more days, and so that's that. I really thank you if you give him a big hug and say thanks for all the wonderful things he does ! I love your saying "St. B." is so nice!
I had some curious dreams too dear Mary, years before having my second son, so not even thinking of having another child, I dreamt about it, and I dreamt about walking through a fire, following my favorite form of God, and the kids with me. We didn't get hurt and the fire just didn't touch us. I didn't know what it meant at the time, but then the "fire" came, and following God surely saved me, and He goes on saving, day after day...
Much love and a big hug and endless blessings !

Mary...thank you for your

Mary...thank you for your beautiful posting...and your loving presence! Love and blessings, Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...