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A letter to God - inspired by "AMAZING LOVE"

Inspired by:
Amazing Love
Heavenletter # 2658 Published on: March 5, 2008


Letter to God:

Dear God, most beloved Father and most sweetest divine Mother,

I have resisted a whole day before letting go and now bursting forward with this new letter to You, the Love of my life!

You have written the Heavenletter of my life ! Amazing Love, and I can't even think about it without being moved to my innermost being. You must have simply have had a glance at my heart and said: Ok, today I will write Berit's heart in the Heavenletter. This most wonderful Love Letter is my life's purpose, it's my longing since ever, it's what I came for (I think), it's the Love of my life, it's You and it's our Love. It is our Oneness I desire, I do not desire anything else, it's You. I am surrendering really more and more to You, even the smallest things of my daily life, I am getting tuned to the feeling in my heart even for the small things like "Should I turn left to arrive earlier or go straight?" and even in those tiny matters You respond through my feelings and we are playing and loving and having fun. Something, thanks to Your grace is changing, I think I have tasted a bit of that endless sweetness that is You and I am floating in our love. Things do not touch me like before because the sweetness of this Love melts everything. Even if I face a problem or matter that arises in the spur of a moment, it's ok for me. The only thing that matters IS YOU !!! The only thing that I think and desire is to get immediately back to that feeling of Love and to this heavenly connection. In fact, my life is more "difficult" to certain extends, I am working more to get some extra money (thanks for the "Money comes from God", that was another miracle I appreciated so much !!!) and I do not mind much working even more at home to keep it more clean and orderly. I had pain in my back and I really asked You: "Pls, I'm doing this with love, but pls ease my pain" and you did it immediately. It was still there but it was less and I could go on working. We are so close now, and I know that there is no end to this coming closer. Of course we are already ONE but You know what I mean, it's my perception.

Dear God, sweetest Father, I just had to tell You this, of course You know my heart and so the gift is writing this letter. You did sum up my heart with "Amazing Love" that's what You are and that is all I desire. You gave me different tools like "The Law of Attraction" and Neale Donald Walsch and so. I think I am using them in a different way now, not directly, for I don't want my mind to be piloted to anything but You. Thinking of You IS postive thinking and feeling and vibrating and our intimate and joyfull love and comradeship is like Neale's material. The love and the joy I feel for and with You comprehends everything.

So, dear Father, I really have no question right now, but I had an urge to tell You all this. I love You so much, so very very much, and I am so happy and thankful for the blessings You are bestowing on me, hoping to be able to share every tiny bit of this with everyone. I thank You for all Angels in my life, even for those in disguise, I do now recognize them better and I can see more than before Your loving face in them. Thanks for all the wonderful Heavenletters, they have changed my life.

Amazing Love, that's what You are, thank You Father.

Your loving daughter


Berit, God's response to

Berit, God's response to you:

God to Berit:

Beloved Daughter, Beloved My Self, of course I wrote the Heavenletter for you. You are My One Child. As I say this, I also have some questions to ask you, you who are the you of My Self:

Why did you wait a whole day?

Who wrote this letter, and to whom was it written?

Whose love is this that you feel, yours or Mine, or, is there any difference?

What is new?

And now I want to say, and am not sure how to say it – to say what I mean to say – and that is: Credit goes to no one but you and to Me. There is no one else to credit. There is no one else.

When you look at a beautiful flower, you do not give the hands who planted the daffodil the credit for the flower. Hands planted a daffodil bulb, yet everything was in readiness, the soil to receive, the rains to nourish, the flower itself to grow, and you to enjoy the flower.

I suppose you could thank the ones who boxed the bulb, the store who sold it etc. but, really, where do thanks come into it? Credit yourself, beloved. Credit Me, and that’s it.

And, so, I ask: Who wrote a book? Who read it? Whose consciousness is it? Is it the consciousness of the one who typed it? Is it the typist’s consciousness? Who created the Internet? To whom should the credit go? There is a Greater Consciousness than any individual, and yet, and yet…

Nevertheless, to thank this individual or that is irrelevant. Thank God, Berit, Who gave you the eyes to see. Thank Truth. Thank God for you, for your existence, for your Being. Whom else should you thank for your discoveries but you and Me?

You know by now better than to thank Gloria for Heavenletters. You know why I bring this up. You might as well thank the railroad car for pulling you into the station! Yes, you can be grateful, yet all gratitude goes to Me, and all gratitude goes to you, the one who rode in the railroad car and reached her destination. Who set foot on the train? What engine truly pulled it? Is there not a Greater Engine than this toy one that huffs and puffs?

Who is the Supreme Being, and who is it who knows the Supreme Being but the Supreme Being Himself, planted in the Human Heart, the Heart that dwells in you. Be glad, be gracious, and know that We are One. Who is the Author of anything and everything, and Who is the Author of you, and Who are you anyway? What tools are there but your own consciousness? Who discovers Me? No one but you. Do you remember this: The Seeker and the Sought are the same.

Welcome, My beautiful daughter.

Dear God, most beloved and

Dear God, most beloved and sweetest Father,

"Why did you wait a whole day?" Dearest Father, I had a busy day and kept the words for You in my mind and ..... I didn't want to be a disturbance to Gloria, You know I have that kind of reluctance, I thought it as well to keep it to myself for You know my heart, You are my heart, but then the need to express and do this became more and more urgent and I followed my heart and wrote it down.

How I love Your answer about Oneness, about real Oneness. Everything is You, You are everthing, You are all Your children and all Your children are You. I see Your point now dearest Father, how couldn't I after so many questions and examples, we are One and the same to the tiniest detail and details don't even exist in Oneness, and that is the love I can feel in my heart, it's so warm and so soft and it expands further and further, it embraces everthing and everyone and every experience.

"Whose love is this that you feel, yours or Mine, or, is there any difference?" No, there's no difference really, it's Your love and it's my love, it's One and the same.
"What is new?" Nothing I think, everything is as it always was and always will be, we are ONE LOVE.

Dearest God, I love you and I love me (now that is really new, it's not such a long time that I am able to say this, but now I can say it over and over again) and I love all that You create and bestow on all Your children. I love all Your children and all Beings and I love to love so gently and abundantly-

Your loving daughter