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A child was born, and it was you.....

Wow - wow - wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU DEAR GOD !!!!!!!!!
Love and blessings

Stillness Supreme

Heavenletter # 2171 Published on: October 16, 2006

God Said:
Wonder of wonders. A child was born, and it was you. You came into the world. From another world, you came into this world. From Heaven, you entered Earth, Earth a Heaven disguised, sometimes heavily. Indeed, the world wears heavy make-up, and yet, beyond the surface, the Earth world remains intact, as it was set out to be, that is, the land of milk and honey. You are in Adventure Land, beloveds.

Earth caught you in its embrace, you were whirled around. You were bewildered. You took the apparent world as gospel. You believed in it utterly. You could see nothing else. Your heart was besmirched. You went for the hurly-burly because of its motions, noise, and neon lights.

Now you see further. Now you see beyond the noise and flashing lights. The edges of life are softened. You step through a curtain, and you are backstage where all the light comes from. You are behind the scenes. You see from a different vantage. You are caught up in Beingness. The words are not yet uttered. A step has not yet been taken. The curtain has not yet gone up. You are just ready to speak, to move, to engage. But right now you are engaged in Beingness. You are at the inception. You are at the heart of life. You are where life comes from.

There is no disturbance. There is Oneness, and Allness rolled into One. There are no jitters. There is peace, and nothing less is thought of. There is love like a guitar string ready to be plucked. There is life stilled, yet it is still life, nevertheless. All the energy is in readiness. It is the seed ready to burst forth.

This is a landless land. It is nowhere, and it is everywhere. It has not yet been thought of, not yet relegated to thought and something made of it, yet it simply is. It is all the power of the universe before commotion begins. It is Stillness Supreme. It is where you always are, only you are not looking. You get ahead of yourself. You pace back and forth between silence and chatter. You speak, and say nothing. You do not speak, and you embolden the world. You bespeak love.

When all is said and done, what is there to say? There is to be. You ARE. Be glad you are on Earth and can notice your Being and come back to it again and again until you are steeped in awareness and know there is nothing else to steep in, until you are so steeped in Being that you are in love with everything that comes from it, that love comes from it, and you drown in love and are saved from any misperception of anything else. Steeped in love, you are no longer mired in the imagined mud of absence of love.

You are only happy when you love. Without awareness of love, you are desperate. You are desperate for love, and so you look everywhere for it. This is something you have to go through, not so much to find examples of love, but to know where love abides, and that is in your own beating heart, in that well within you where love abounds, and abounds, and abounds. You never want to be without love, and you are not. Whatever you may feel at a given moment, unless it is love, it is made up, it is fiction. It is drama.

And yet, even the drama, is made of energy. There is great enthusiasm in the world, and it reveals itself in many ways. Its basis is love, and nothing changes love.

This one is a gift (like all

This one is a gift (like all the others) and yes!.....WOW!!!!!

Thank you for sharing it, dearest Berit!

Cheers to Love and Oneness,