The Enlightenment You So Desire

God said:

Everything is like something else, and everything is unlike everything else. And so it is with people. Everyone is the same, and yet no two are alike. Identical twins are not identical. Differences can be slight, or differences can be very different.

Differences are the joy and bane of Human life. They are the juice of it.

And yet, you expect everyone to be like you, think like you, see like you, and when they don’t, you are stumped. You scratch your head. Of course, others are scratching their heads about you too.

The same things seen are seen differently. No two stories are alike. Even repetition of the same event is different.

In relative life, there are the multitude of things that divide. The divisions go on and on. Only one thing unites, and that is love. It unites differences. It does away with objections. I am talking about love that passes all borders. This is the love that Christ came from. It was no effort. With love, the love of which I speak and which Christ revealed, everything is easy. Love sees beyond the surface.

Christ did not see lepers. His eyes saw their wounds, but he didn’t see lepers. He saw beyond. He saw the gold light that erases all else and triumphs over it. Conceived and perceived in such bright light, what else could Christ see? What else can compete? And what else can compare?

Seeing beyond the surface is not a skill you develop. It is a by-product of consciousness. This is the meaning of “you see as you are”. It does not mean that if you see a leper that you are a leper. It means your vision isn’t quite refined enough yet. Eyeglasses won’t improve your sight. Only love will, and love is a state of consciousness.

The enlightenment you so desire is not magical powers. It is not ultimate freedom from the details of life. It is a state of consciousness in which love knows no bounds. In that state of consciousness, it is literally true that you walk in love. Love goes everywhere with you, and nothing overcomes it. Nothing can push it aside. Nothing possesses you but love, and love does not possess. It is your natural state.

What you presently know is unnatural, and that’s why it’s so uncomfortable. A tight shoe hurts. Barefoot is better. High heels wreak havoc.

With enlightenment, you may not be seen as different, but it is your observation that counts. You see differently. You see differences, but you do not add them up. You cut right to the chase, and the chase is love.

Love is the Emperor, beloveds. Love rules. And what a rule of love that has no rules, no ordinances, no addenda. Just love all on its own. Love reflects so brightly on all you see that you become the sun that lights all.

You may be taken for granted. The sun is taken for granted. You don’t thank it everyday. You may be a sun-worshipper who bathes in the sunshine. You adore what the sun does for you, but that doesn’t mean you adore the sun.

Your light may not be regarded, taken into account, esteemed, even spotted at all, but when the time comes that you walk in love, response is not what matters to you. That you beam your light matters. You would not be without it. You would not be without the warmth of it and the glow. Your heart has become the full sunshine of love. At last. What more could you ask for? What else is there to ask for? What else is there to give? What else signifies? Truly, what else is there?

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