Fulfillment of Desires

God said:

Dreams come true because everyone and everything in the universe is entwined. No one and nothing are separate from anyone or anything else. It is like when you bounce on one end of a mattress, the other end bounces too.

All your thoughts and dreams reach everywhere. And everyone else’s too. Sometimes nature has a lot of sorting out to do, but like a computer it does it swiftly and efficiently, even though the calculations may not match yours.

Bear in mind that nature, life, whatever you like to call it, is mandated to make your wishes come true. It behooves you to make your desires clearly and simply known. In your calculations, you must remember to include the timbre of your thoughts, for nature will.

If you are feeling angry, your desires will be tinged with anger. You will have created friction with your desire. If you desire peace, and you feel vengeful, how can peace rush to your side? It wants to, but it cannot enter where strife is.

Fulfillment of desires is effortless. That doesn’t mean you do nothing. It doesn’t mean you stamp your foot and strive for your desire either. You go about your business as if your desire has already been fulfilled. It is not news to you that within your desire lies its fulfillment. It is like when you braid hair. You pull three sections and then you put one over the other. You had the desire to braid. You pulled the three sections together. And then you braid. And if the tresses are very long, you may have to stop for a little while and take care of some other matters, and then return to the braiding. Suddenly, all of the braiding is done, and it took no effort at all. You contributed to it, but it accomplished itself.

The doorbell rings. You answer it. Perhaps the package you desired is there. Then you open it, and you are happy. First you desired a package. Then you had to respond to the ring and open the door and open the package.

You are not the Doer and yet you are not the idler either. Yet, even as you twiddle your thumbs, your heart and mind are not idle. You are determined, but you also are easy on the determination. A desire is an idea you let go of.

Desires, like other things, cannot be held on to as if you must have them. Consider your desire like a flag before you. You carry it, but you let the flag wave as it will. You do not control it. You do not grasp it tightly. You let it wave.

Consider your desires like carrier pigeons. You send them out. You must sent them out. But you do not control their every move. You know the messenger birds will reach their destination and return to you.

Your desires are like cakes you bake. You put the ingredients together, and once in the oven, you do not check on them every minute. You do not interfere with the baking. You have trust that your cakes will bake. It is not necessary to check on your baking cakes every minute. You have other things to do meanwhile.

A baby is conceived. You have positive attention on it. You nourish the growing baby. At the same time, you do not control it. The baby grows on its own. And the baby knows when it is ready to be born.

Fruit of the vine is ripe in its own time. When it is ripe, you pluck it.

The fulfillment of your desires is getting ripe.

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I love God, I really love

I love God, I really love the Father, Mother, Universe, Source, I really love love.

much love