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The Dutch Contact

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WOW, I love to star in a

WOW, I love to star in a comic. I must have dreamed of becoming a comic book hero! Perhaps one day there will be a Road Angels animated movie! Or a Road Angel TV series!

I am so happy to co-star with Heaven Admin.

Anco, you caught the humor that our supplier is a Dutch contact! HAHA.

In case you didn't know some of my past history, I got locked in a restroom in Romania and also in the bathroom at the Sufi House! I have rather a checkered history!

Yacu, you are best cartoonist in the whole world! (I love how you catch the essence!)

locked in

Dear Gloria,

I have a certain reputation too for getting locked in !
Once upon a time, my wife and I stayed at the house of friends, an old farmhouse. I went to the bathroom, and when finished there I tried to open the door, but noway ! I shouted to Helma, my wife, explained the situation, and she could give me some tools underneath the door ( it was an old house...). I unfixed the whole door, and got finally out !

Guess what appeared simply to be the case : the latch of the door had to be moved up, not down, and I could have easily moved out.......................:)

I love these cartoons, really great, words ánd pictures say it so much better !

Dearest Anco, I can't stop

Dearest Anco,

I can't stop laughing !! ... but I do understand, I mean I feel not at ease in closed enviroment, like small rooms or elevators and so, and when I have trouble getting out of a new bathroom I am having a hard time staying cool.... the good things is, that now further to Gloria I will think of you too and have a good laugh !!

wonderful cartoon !!!!