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A new Comic Series

I Just Love the Heavenletter comic series more than any other comic series.I am sure many of us do :)

I would like to know that can I/we expecta new series soon ?

Much Love to You All

Asim, I am so grateful to

Asim, I am so grateful to you for bringing this up. We can use a good laugh now and then. I especially love the cartoon strip about Heaven Admin and me in Transylvania.

How well Mauro (Yacu) knows us. He has an immaculate sense of humor. I vote for one a month at least.

I don't think he needs ideas, but maybe some ideas would inspire him.

As an aside, querido Mauro, you don't have to be so realistic when you draw me. You could take off a few pounds, make me taller, wiser, younger etc. Just a suggestion. :)

Hello Mauro...How are you?

Hello Mauro...How are you? By the way You make excellent comic strips my friend :)

Can we make a comic strip with the World cup theme and Gloria and Heaven Admin as Linesman, referee and offering the team players Heavenletters when they commit fowls( instead of yellow and red card) so that all the teams play with the sportsman spirit and unite the world...I don't know...Just an Idea from my side :)

And, Please Listen to Gloria for her appearance ha ha ha...Ofcourse, it is the inside beauty that matters and it can come on the prints too...But, Gloria We love and adore you so much the way you are :)

Much Love to All

Sorry for the delay in my

Sorry for the delay in my answer I just read these messages.
About one comic strip by month proposal, I think is possible. And of course ideas are always welcome.
I think instead of linesman, Gloria and heaven admin could be the commentators of the game.

Stay tuned.

Hmm, Senor Yacu, Heaven Admin could be a

Hmm, Senor Yacu, Heaven Admin could be a commentator! I would have to be the person who is going to a football game for the first or second time (a lineman is about football, isn't it?) and wants to know what that player was doing and why. Did he win or what? And what colors are what team wearing?

We really can have cartoons or comic strips often?!!!! And then get syndicated!

I think your sense of humor is fabulous!

I Love you Guys :) Yes

I Love you Guys :) Yes Senor, I Love your sense of Humour so much...I am in for Commentators as Well...It sounds Good for me.

I Love you Gloria...May be you can take this opportunity to learn a little about football, Now that your home country is in last 16 :) Gloria, in football a player does not win, a team wins and each team has 11 players playing on the field :)

Thank You :)

I rest my case!

I rest my case!

final 16

Does not really matter who is among the final 16, there's only one team that can win the Worldcup! And I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have this unexplainable feeling, that this time it's gonna be the Dutch!

Wishful thinking? Maybe, but it all starts with a wish, doesn't it.

Boy, I am up for any country

Boy, I am up for any country :) Please, Gloria don't...I wold love to see you there...

Berit had an idea

I don't want this one to be missed, Yacu!

Berit wrote and posted elsewhere:

Beloved Gloria, I wish I could design comics, for I had a flash of one. Since nearly all the time I mail you, you ask me to post, even the last one I started with "pls don't ask me to post this" !!! Well, I can imagine a comic on such a topic, and I could come up with at least ten impossible things before breakfast to tell you, absolutely not related in any way to Heavenletters, were you would most sweetly and graciously reply "Oh dear, would you mind to post this on the forum ?".... some artists around who can see what I mean and translate it into a comic ??????????

Berit, you are so right. I ask everyone to post, and some people I ask ten times! (I won't mention any names!)

Yacu, if you would like to know more about this, I will tell you!

Beloved Gloria, I think you

Beloved Gloria,

I think you got me "educated" now, and will post instead of email you !!!!!!

I love the comics so very much, they are fantastic !!!!!!!

Gosh the comic is still to made and I am already laughing, that's good !

much love and thanks !!