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Gloria Writing Tips

Oh, Yacu, you surprised me

Oh, Yacu, you surprised me again! I think you fully understand me! This is quite an accomplishment!

I love your sense of humor.

Do you like the idea of going big with cartoons/comics? I think you beat them all, Yacu.

Loving you,


Nice one Mauro!

Nice one Mauro!

This is really a nice one!

This is really a nice one! Bravo Mauro!!

But I must say that if you were Swedish, the names wouldn't probably confuse you at all. What if they were called Harry, Henry and Howard? Would they still confuse you so much?

Beloved Paula, as for me,

Beloved Paula, as for me, yes!

It seems to be true for me that I simply read the H and don't want to have to focus on who is who.

There are plenty of books written in English that, for some reason I can't understand, that give the same initial letter to more than one name. Remember, too, that they use first names and last names. It takes effort to keep everyone straight.

However, this should be the biggest difficulty any of us have!