The Craft of Ego

God said:

Losing ego is distancing yourself from what you used to think you were. It may feel like losing your identity, but losing a false identity isn't losing anything at all. How hard can it be to lose that which isn't yours in the first place? Ego is like a forged passport. Only you take it as actuality. The photograph on your passport is not you either, for a true photo of you would be all shining light.

That which you take personally is ego, be it praise up or rejection down. The greatness of you can never be made to feel small. Nor can the greatness of you be made to feel bigger than its truth.

When you have a delicious apple in front of you to eat, it is an apple in all its glory, just as it is. What needs to be added to it to make it more of an apple? The apple shines with or without appreciation.

That which is to swell you is love. And that is exactly what love does, for love expands the nonexistent boundaries very well. Love knows it does not fit between lines.

Love swells the heart in all directions. Love escapes the Human heart and swells the universe. Love bursts itself and is a reburst of love. Love extends itself, and that is what it has been doing. Love never stopped. There never was a moment anywhere anytime where love did not exist. Love does not depend upon anything in order to be what it is.

But ego depends on everything for its pseudo-existence.

Seek another identity. Seek one that suits you better. Seek one that is true.

Beware of false advertising, most particularly about yourself. Do not be so easily convinced that ego builds you. Ego is a magician's trick that takes your attention off truth. Ego is not preferable. You pay dearly for your ego.

Ego gives you a sense of greatness that is appalling next to your true greatness. You are the child who thinks a nickel is worth more than a dime. Ego cheats you time and time again. Ego is the drug-dealer who gets you coming back for more. Ego knows that it will never satisfy you, but what does a racketeer care so long as it perpetrates itself. Ego has convinced you that you need it to tell you who you are when it blaringly tells you what you are not. Slippery is ego.

Ego is a fox. It tricks you, and each time it lights you up one amp. What is one amp next to the Sun?

Do not think I pick on you when I pick on ego. Do not defend ego. Ego has nothing to do with you except as you take it at its word. Ego's word means nothing. Ego is a charlatan that deals in charlatanism. Ego cannot make a fool of you because who you really are is beyond ego, but ego does trick you when you fall for it.

Ego makes great promises. Ego lives on the promises its gives. It gets its hooks into you, and you feel bound. You feel guilty to drop ego. Guilt is one of its trips. Ego bobbles you. As ego gets your attention onto the surface of life, it cagily keeps your attention off Truth.

Ego, this master of deception, can offer you only costumes, but how it makes you crave these costumes. What ego makes of you even becomes more important than what you are.

Extol ego no longer. Extol love instead.

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The ego revealed...

There are some wonderful heavenletters out there addressing the topic of ego and the above reposted one is one of my favorites! And ego is not a bad word nor should be a taboo topic. For me, ego is the aspect of a personal self that is for ever in comparison, judgement and fear. The fuel that ego feeds off of is fear. The job of ego is to protect and defend, in a very ruthless way, one's individual sense of self. The ego is either asserting that it is "better than" or "less than". Either way, ego appears to win. Some off the strongest egos are present in victims...people who see themselves way less than other people. Ego is the mainstay of humanity. Ego is ubiquitous...

And yet...Love is... do I know when I or others are coming from ego or Love? Love does not ask for anything at all!!!! Ego demands the attention and recognition from everyone and everything! Ego wants to be noticed. Ego wants to be heard and understood and even loved (but not in a real sense of love...ego wants to be cherished and worshipped which has nothing to do with love) Ego wants to covet and contain and control. Ego wants everything to remain the same...except the thiings it wants to change in its own way and time. Ego loves nursing its hurts and dissapointments; ego loves to be upset and create a personal whirlwind of drama around itself. Ego loves to feel important...even in its victimhood. Bottom line: Ego loves to be right!

So what about Love? Love is gentle...yet so, so is is is is doesn't care who appears to win or doesn't care who appears to be smarter, more talented, more powerful. Love loves to love and love loves unconditionally and forever. Love has no need to be right. Love just is.

So is Jim in ego still. Oh yes!...It comes and goes throughout my days. And yet it appears not as strong as it once was. My life is so much more happy than it once is more peaceful....gentle and loving than it once was. It feels like this self of mine is much less attached to the past and the feels like this self is much less interested it defending a particular point of view...and even being rights. This self appears to be thinning...becoming more the light and love of God can stream through...

Could I be wrong...oh yes that is possible...but I really don't care...and if others disagree, I am very much okay with that.

That's what it feels like now to be me. And desires...I have many...but the most imortant one is to continue to Love myself and others and everything else in this existence.

Loving and blessing you...the reader of this. Jim.

Love or ego? to tell the difference. Chances are, if you were really entrenched in ego, you would not be on this site. Chances are, if you are a regular on this site, you have had at least a taste of genuine Love. You are very fortunate to have had a taste.

Intent is a very powerful tool. If you intend to genuinely understand and be Love...then the veils that seemingly keep you in separation will thin and thin to reveal the light and love that you always were and are! Love reveals itself when ego fades.....(the aspect of us that wants to be right...that wants to control...that even wants to be spiritual!!!) So when all of this wanting to be right, wanting to be angry...wanting to be recognised and even appreciated fades...Love is revealed.

Love and blessings, Jim.

Your love and blessing is

Your love and blessing is always most welcome to me, dear Jim. And I do not disagree at all. You, I'm sure, will agree that there is always more and we will never succeed in listing all the manifestations of love. We may not even recognize them in all cases. We may not even want to.

Some words I find quite reassuring because they allow me to know at a glance where I come from:

That which you take personally is ego, be it praise up or rejection down. The greatness of you can never be made to feel small. Nor can the greatness of you be made to feel bigger than its truth.

Wonderful post!

Love is genuine...

Thank you Jochen! I would like to thank all of the loving people in my past who just loved me...period! This gave me a real big clue that Love was indeed possible. Before this...I was suspicious of anything that resembled love. I salute Love! Jim.