The Importance of How You Feel

God said:

Sometimes in life you feel like a beautiful animal in a cage. You feel hemmed in, and you feel exposed, vulnerable to anyone who pokes you with a stick. Consider a different image.

Consider yourself reclining under the shade of a palm tree with the bright sun glistening on you.

Consider yourself on a sailboat, idling sailing on the high seas.

Consider yourself a magnificent ripe plum on a tree ready to drop into a sweet hand ready for it.

Consider yourself the light from the Sun Itself that travels the universe circumspectly.

Consider yourself the Moon that receives the Sun's light demurely.

Consider yourself a winding vine that esplanades to Heaven.

Consider yourself a breeze that creates movement on earth.

Consider yourself a reflection in a bright glass.

Consider yourself a Messenger from Heaven.

Consider yourself a portrait by a Great Artist.

Consider that you are painting the finishing touches on yourself.

Consider that you are the palette of colors and the brush that paints but does not yet know the magnificence of its strokes combined.

Consider yourself an open till.

Consider yourself in a pageant of heroes.

Consider yourself the most engaging leaf on earth.

Consider yourself an orchestra playing an overture.

Consider yourself knocking on a door.

Consider yourself opening a door.

Consider yourself walking through a door.

Consider yourself entering a palace.

Consider yourself being greeted.

That is how to enter the world today.

Break the boundaries of your life. You do that simply by walking out of them. You do not have to break anything when you break boundaries. You simply walk through them and leave them behind.

Your greatest boundaries are the beliefs you have. Wave them away.

Pick up grander thoughts. You know there are grander ones eager to fill you with brightness.

Consume thoughts that uplift you for they are the ones that are rightfully yours.

Do not be modest. Be bold. Declare yourself to yourself. Make your own declaration of independence from all the crowded thoughts you have kept.

You have freedom to think whatever you will. Use that freedom. Trade in old decrepit thinking for new. You need thoughts bigger than the ones you have been carrying around. You need lighter thoughts, ones that fly and take you with them to greater horizons.

Enough of little pesky thoughts that fill an album. Throw out the album.

You are an inheritor of the earth. You have vast lands to travel over and heights to reach. Start reaching.

You are the fruit ready to be plucked. And you are the hand that receives yourself.

You are the inheritor of the earth and you are the one who leaves the earth behind. You are the Sun that passes over the horizon. Leave light in your path. Leave no shadows. You are the lighter of your own way. I gave you My light to see by. See further now.

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So Heavenly!

"...Consider yourself on a sailboat, idling sailing on the high seas.

Consider yourself a magnificent ripe plum on a tree ready to drop into a sweet hand ready for it..."

Yes...Why not? Jim and Jimi