Phases of Doubt

God said:

Doubt is not such a dreadful thing as you have thought, for doubt is a thought, like any other thought that comes and goes. Some thoughts you prefer to others.

Where did you get the idea that doubting was prohibited? Who said that doubting was forbidden?

Doubt is an indicator of change. And the change is in you. You are perceiving something differently, for mostly you do not doubt that which you never thought to accept. Doubt often creeps in where once you had confidence. Of course, truth does not change. Your perception changes. Doubt does not affect truth, but it affects you.

Sometimes, when you doubt, you are seeing more clearly, and doubt is shaking you awake. Your equilibrium falters in order to regain balance. Sometimes doubt comes after great exhilaration. When you no longer feel high, you feel low. You call that doubt, although doubt can be like a friend who calms you down.

Sometimes when you doubt, shadows of world mind are overtaking you. You are worrying more about what someone else thinks than what you do. Or you are letting your own intellect overtake and mandate your heart.

The thing to know is that the arrival of doubt has little to do with actuality. It is a process in midstream.

Doubt is not a changer. Doubt can only shatter your perception. Maybe your perception needs to be shattered. Or maybe your doubt is a false alarm.

Doubt may be telling you to change direction, or it may be telling you to move forward regardless of anything it says.

In any case, sit a while with your doubt, and then get up. With or without doubt, move in the world.

Sometimes doubt comes when success is yours. Now that you have success, how do you maintain it? Or perhaps you have gone through school determined for a certain career, and then when you are credentialed for it, you find you don't really want it after all.

Doubt is definitely an indicator of something. It is not always right, and it is not always wrong. Doubt is such a maybe thing. There is no certainty with doubt.

I would ask you, no matter what doubts pursue you, to not doubt your value to Me, therefore, your value to yourself.

Whatever corridor you are going down, you are My wonderful creation.

No matter what doubt is heaped on you, you are you underneath it all, and you are mightier than even your own strongest doubt.

Doubt may rack your brain, but it need not rack your heart.

Doubt comes, and doubt goes. You do not need to have it, and you do not need to be without it.

Doubt is not a monster.

It is more like a floating feather.

Do not make too much of doubt.

After doubt comes confidence in a new thought or confidence in the doubted thought regained. Doubt is a tunnel you go through, and you come out of it at one exit or another.

Even doubt in Me isn't so awful. You can live with it. You have. Your doubt touches Me not. I have no doubt in you. I see your doubt in Me as a little dance your feet make for a while. Surely you know that doubt does not affect Me nor the Truth of Me. I am not more or less according to your perception of Me. I AM.

At the same time, I hear you. I hear your call to Me to erase doubt in God from the face of the earth. I remove such doubt from your forehead now.