The Blue of the Sky and the Blue of the Ocean

God said:

Yes, I am the Big Love of Your Life. It is to Me that you seemingly bow down and give allegiance. I lead you to Me, and that’s how you want it. There is no one to give you away to Me. There is no hand for you to take but Mine. I give you My hand freely. There is no one else to bind us or to announce that We are One Singular One of Love.

As I tell you this, you look around to see Who spoke, and you see no one else in the room. Only you. You cannot pinpoint Me, yet you sense that I am in the room with you as My Very Self.

You cannot speak or see the logic and logistics of an unseen God. What logic is there in the Blue of the Sky or in the Blue of the Ocean? How did waves happen to come about? Of what importance are waves that just come and go? Of what importance are waves that wash the shore and leave shells for you to collect?

And yet everything is of the utmost importance because one thing is connected to every other, and everything swings around the world. Sometimes it feels to you that the world and your heart are the prey of vultures who swoop down. Yet, if you and I as One are the extent of the world, where can vultures and prey exist?

There is no world, yet it sure seems that there is a big world out there ready to take a swipe at seeming you and all the seeming others. And yet, beloveds, fear is only an idea.

“Is everything in the outer world just an idea?” you ask.

Yes, everything but Oneness is an idea. Ideas are made concrete, yet concrete is not real. Although the world is not, it seems like the only real there is. The world is a myth that seems true. And the world is also a layer within which the Truth of Oneness exists.

This world appears at your feet and assumes tremendous proportions in your awareness.

Nevertheless, the world is a tangent. It is a script that everyone plays a part in. Everyone plays the perfect part even as none of it is real, no matter how real it seems. The world is like a dream you have during sleep, and how real someone’s chasing you in the dream seems to be, and how real your not being able to turn the key to unlock your door and get to safety also seems.

And then you wake up. The dream didn’t finish itself. Nor do you pick up the dream next time where you left off. It cannot be found again. It cannot be found again because life in the world is a dream, a mere fantasy that mystifies you forever and a day while True Reality eludes you.

How can there be this seeming content and how can it seem so real and how can it be that it is hard to find the True Reality that awaits you with open arms? Why does it seem so hard for the True Reality of Oneness to reveal itself from every direction? Why is it so easy for the World At Large to reveal itself and you take the unreal world for the gospel?

Ah, dear beloved children, you like to go to the movies. You like to see what’s playing. You like to be in the midst of it. You are addicted to producing a movie and sitting down to watching it play out. You pay admission to get into the movie, and you eat popcorn automatically.

When the movie reel is being rewound, you may slip away from it, and then you return, finding yourself back in the movie, sitting with all these other people who are equally fascinated with it. It is as if at the movies lies the only world you live in even while, in your heart, you recognize that the movie can’t actually be all there is regardless of what your eyes see and what the world tells you. Somehow you recognize there is something more even when you cannot seem to put your finger on it.

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The Blue of the Sky and the Blue of the Ocean.

God Morning Myself. How Perfectly this is put!! Yet how easily we can forget.. I Truely Love reading these and I appreciate the role Gloria plays..That is why, I am Pretending to be alan, it is my role.

Who could play Alan as well

Who could play Alan as well as you?!!! Who could even imagine Alan or any of the characters on the stage! Exquisite enactment. Unending roles. A tour de force! Yes, well-done, Alan! And everyone!