Representing Your Self

God said:

Every day I begin our talk with what I say. Today, I ask you, What do you say? What do you say about love and life? Hmm, what do you teach, and what do you proclaim? What do you offer the Universe, and what would you take away? What kind of an alchemist do you choose to be?

Enough complaints that you consider to be prayer. Now let Me hear what you are doing, how you put two and two together and draw a happy face. What are the ways in which you serve Me in the world? How you serve another is how you serve Me, so I am asking you how you serve life to others? What dust do you stir up? What are you thinking, what do you say, and what are you meaning to do?

Let Me ask you then without requiring an answer from you, what are you giving and how much? Perhaps you have been getting off free without giving. Maybe you consume more than you even think of giving, if you do think of giving at all. Perhaps you pick blackberries in the field and eat them all up as you go.

This is really your choice, and it’s not all bad. In fact, it’s okay! yet what would the world be like if you gave as much thought to sharing as you do to other matters? Consumption of worldly goods seems to be a topic in the world these days. Of course, you are far more than a consumer.

If you were to draw a picture of yourself and your family with colored crayons, would you be the big one in the middle? Of course, you would! Rightfully so! Yet you can draw all the others big as well. There is a big world, and spirit is big. Opportunity is big. Creation is a great wonderful thing, only you don’t have to have gobble it all up.

Somehow you don’t want to take life so seriously. Taking life so seriously hasn’t exactly been a balm to your heart. “Life is serious,” you may say. “Life is, after all,” you say, “ a matter of life and death!”

No, it’s not. There is no death. There is not even death of dreams. Dreams belong to all and can be picked up at any time. Life goes on. You live on. There is not even a pause. Whatever you are going through, life is keeping up with you. There is no cessation to life or your life. Once alive always alive wherever your body may be located or not located.

Whatever the world may say, no life is wasted. This is a big one for you to swallow because there are those you would stand apart from.

Your relationship with life is about how you get along with yourself. It is yourself you get along with, or yourself that you fight. Fighting seems necessary to you. Not fighting doesn’t mean giving in or conceding. You feel righteous to fight. Letting life or those in it spark your anger isn’t exactly the same as sticking up for yourself. If someone you see as an opponent says, “Jump,” do you really have to? Is what you are doing reactive, or is it ennobling?

Reacting has gotten you in trouble before. Some of the matters you reacted to voluminously years ago, you wouldn’t now. You know better now. You don’t have to make a fuss. Someone was rude. Someone put you down big time. I think We can say that someone has a difficulty. Does the difficulty have to be yours as well?

Don’t let anyone take your initiative away. No one else is to decide what you will say or do. Only you. No one fires you up without your consent. You don’t have to give your nod. The very person that you say can’t do this or say that to you may be making you dance to his tune. Take a longer view, beloveds. You don’t have to enter the fray.