Peace Is Like the Bed You Sleep On

God said:

A little peace and quiet is good. Desire peace, and have it. Peace belongs in life. Anxiety is no substitute for peace. Peace doesn’t have baggage, you understand. Peace is the absence of baggage.

Peace is its own self. Be in peace. Peace asks nothing of you but that you let go of all that is not peace. I am speaking of peace within where there is no jarring, no terror, no untoward thoughts that do not serve you. In peace, there is no upsetting the apple cart. Peace is the river that flows. It is the Ocean at low tide. In peace, there is no fomenting.

What else there is in peace is freedom. Peace doesn’t tie you up in knots. Peace is like the bed you lie on. Peace is just there, and it supports you well. Peace would never get a stranglehold on you. Peace insists on nothing but to be itself untrammeled.

Peace asks nothing of you. Peace is well-content. It needs nothing but your welcoming it. Peace belongs to you as the air you breathe belongs to you. Peace is free. It costs nothing. In fact, peace is letting go of cost and payment altogether.

Peace is with you. You may have to uncover it, however. You have to remove the slag that clings to peace. The slag consists of all the unnecessaries that would hide peace from your view.

To settle into peace is a good way to describe the process. Peace is good for your spine. It holds your spine still. Peace is not bawdy. Peace does not wear bright colors. It does not call attention to itself. Peace is not newfangled or high and mighty. Not at all. Peace is the quiet background of life. Sink into peace and begin to savor peace as you might hold a fine wine in your mouth for a while before you down it. As I am here for you, so is peace always quietly waiting for you on the sidelines. That is, peace will not intrude. Peace arrives at your door by invitation. You realize I am speaking of Inner Peace which is much more than a truce on the battlefield.

Peace makes room for you. Peace has room for everyone. Peace takes up no space at all. Peace is Heavenly. Nothing can razzle-dazzle peace. Nothing can ruffle its feathers. Nothing can agitate it. Peace speaks for itself in its Silence. Attune yourself with peace.

Peace is self-contained. There may be matters that oppose peace, yet peace exists regardless. Peace is always available. Peace can be attacked, yet it carries no wounds. Peace is simply available. Peace bears no armaments. Peace is True Reality. All the other is not.

All the other, in Truth, is non-existent. All this tumult you may believe in is just drama. Anything less than peace seems to have a great plot and storyline. Peace has none of the drama. Peace is never a run-on sentence. It is emptied of strife. Strife does not exist in peace. Strife is not even a possibility. Peace does not wake you up in the middle of the night. Peace does not turn you over and punch you in the stomach. Peace is never distracted from itself nor does peace ever detract from itself.

Peace is humble, and it is humble to be at peace with yourself and with life. Remove the yoke from your shoulders. You are not oxen, although oxen are My beloveds as well. The humble oxen can carry great weight. You do not have the shoulders for it nor the need. Nor the need, beloveds.

Choose peace. Choose peace, beloved. Peace is what I give to you. In this moment is the peace I give.

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Blessed Peace. I AM calm and quiet and my centre is Peace. Thank you Peace for enfolding me in You. I AM Grateful to Be at Peace.