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Thanks Giving...

God...Thanks for giving so so many loving ways...and especially for giving this person I call "me" this beautiful heart. And with this heart...I can give as receive your give this Love to everyone and do this be this living be this living blessing...for everyone and everything. That's all that I request to be...request to do. I ask kind of an old-fashioned be able to continue to be and do be this steward of your Love. I promise to set all of my human even selfish desires the extend that they exist...and be...rather the purity of the Love that thou art. And on this thanks giving continue to celebrate the wonder of your Loving Presence....In loving thanks-giving for everyone and thing...Jim and Jimi. And much love and thanks for all on this forum....

Dear, dear Jim/Jimmy, Where

Dear, dear Jim/Jimmy,

Where ever I look at a post of yours, I see a big, BIG, Heart! :wub: You are amazing and not only is your heart big, but it seems to me that it is growing as time goes by.

In one of your posts, you mentioned that you work in a small store and that you enjoy meeting people. Same with me, I have chosen to volunteer (a few days a month) at a thrift shop and I must say, that I love to attend to the customers and the love for people is growing in me, regardless of who and what they are. It doesn't cost anything to be friendly, to smile, to joke or complement someone. Another volunteer job that I have accepted to do, is being an usher at our local theatre (not movie theatre). There too, I get to meet many, many people, some of them known to me (we live in a town of 36.000) and others not and have an opportunity to welcome them with a smile. The funny thing is that if the show is a good one, uplifting of funny or energized music, then we ushers are the recipient of the grateful smiles of the patrons exiting the theatre, although we hadn't had anything to do with the show. As ushers we get to see the performances for free, which is another benfit.

Same as you, I like to go to Starbucks. 8)

You are a wonderful presence on this Forum!