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Missing Persons

Xenia and Scott,

Where are you? We miss you.

Hi, I’m back, and glad to

Hi, I’m back, and glad to be back!

We were without cable service (Internet and TV) for about a week, along with partial disruption of power and telephone, due to a tree branch that fell on our lines during a strong wind storm. It just took the three different service companies, more time to re-connect the lines and hook us up again.

It was an interesting week, where my husband and I, noticed how dependent we had become to these services and yet, managed very well without. As a matter of fact, we spent some quality time together and were blessed with the generosity, support and assistance of neighbours and family. We also experienced synchronicities, as if someone was looking after us. There were some humorous moments as well. All in all, we kept our good humour and had plenty of reasons to be grateful.

Did I mention that our car broke down that same week, independent of the storm? :Rolleyes:

Now, there is lots of ‘catching up’ to do, including reading all the “Heavenletters” that had accumulated in the mail box and keeping up with what goes on in the Forum.

Love you all, :wub:

Dearest Xenia, I think it

Dearest Xenia, I think it was a good time you had with your husband. it's good to see things from a complete different angle, it's good to step out of things and time schedules now and then. I'm sorry for the car dear... Have a good time reading all Heavenletters now !!!!

Love and blessings to you dear :wub:

Yeepeee, we have our car

Yeepeee, we have our car back, it has been fixed!

Berit angel, thank you for your love and blessings, they are always appreciated and welcomed!

Big (((((HUGS)))))) to you,

For Xenia Big Hugs to

For Xenia :wub:

Big Hugs to you !!

Couldn't resist sending

Couldn't resist sending another of these beautys !!! :wub:
Love and blessings !