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Thanks to Gloria and some question

Dearest Gloria,

many many thanks again for bringing me the wonderful message of God in response to my personal question. Really this is an experience beyond words, for I feel that my whole being is involved and is taking in more and more what God is telling me. I am ever grateful to you. It had such a huge impact on me that just after a few lines tears did just flow. I am reading and re-reading God's reply, and like the first answer God showered on me through you angel, this too means the world to me and I take it always with me where ever I go. I am so grateful and I thank you so very much, dear.

I was wondering about how you feel when you do these "personal" Godwritings, how does that feel to you, do you feel the moods and energies and vibrations of the questions and answers ? Does it help you with topics that could regard you and your life, I mean do some things resonate with you and you find answers for topics you are right on ? I was just wondering about these things, for you have been indeed blessed with a wonderful divine gift !!!!

Did you think about recording future Godwritings seminars in video and/or audio so that they could be downloaded from your site ? A sum to be donated could be fixed for doing the download, or as I have found recently, you could leave the choice to the people if and how much to donate for these downloads. People who could not participate to your workshops may have the possibility to assist one and make this wonderful experience, like me.

Don't want to butt in in any way, was thinking about these possibilties...

Sweetheart, a big big hug and many many thanks.

God bless you dear.

All my love


Tears are always a good

Tears are always a good indication of success! I am so happy that God's answer to you entered your heart.

I love the general questions you ask now, both of them!

How does it feel for me to write down God's answers to personal heartfelt questions?

When the question from someone first arrives, I often think: How on Earth is God going to answer this one! Sometimes I think: How did I ever get into this?

Once in a while, I have thought I do know what God is going to say, and you can be sure that God's answer turns out to be far from what I had naively thought.

I like to let the question hibernate, but sometimes it's like God makes me sit down and listen for his answer right then and there. This is all on the feeling level, you understand. I may be in the middle of something else, and it just feels so strongly that I have to stop what I'm doing and write down God's answer. I have to, or it would just be too uncomfortable.

As in all Godwriting, I really don't know what God is going to say. For me, the answer comes only as a I write. One sentence comes after the other. Again, as with all Godwriting, it writes itself. There is such an irresistible impulse of thought.

Once I actually sit down to write what I hear God say (so subtly), I feel wonderful. My heart is loosened, and the words flow. And then there's a point where I sense that God is done.

All Godwriting is easy, or it wouldn't be Godwriting. It's easy for God to answer. All I'm doing is taking down this very subtle dictation. And God never fails.

I emphasize that all Godwriting is easy. At the same time, there is the sense in which, once started, it is easier to answer personal questions that it is to do the daily Heavenletters.

For this reason only:

When I write down a Heavenletter, I don't even know ahead of time what it is going to be about. So it's kinda like flying blind. God does know what He's going to talk about. It's just that I don't. I discover as I go along, just as you do discover as you read.

In answering a personal question, I do know ahead of time what the Godwriting is going to be about. I don't know the answers ahead of time, but I do know the subject. So the direction is more clear-cut.

In my experience, once Godwriting actually starts, I feel strong and clear, even when I don't know where it's leading.

In Godwriting, I have to let go of any personal sense of responsibility. II can't make myself responsible for any of it, except the typing. I have to trust that the only responsibility I have is to listen and type, and that's it.

Godwriting is happy for me. I can't even imagine my life without it. I lived most of my life without Godwriting, without even awareness of God. Life is much better with God.

Now, in answer to your second question about online workshops, absolutely yes. On the motor trip, Santhan and I, perhaps with help from the others who will be traveling with us, will be working on an online Godwriting workshop. This will include videos. My feeling is that there also needs to be personal contact and group interaction. I think it won't just be something you download and go off by yourself to do.

Santhan and I were talking about this the other day (email) and it was clear to me, as it always has been, that Godwriting isn't taught. I certainly don't teach it. It's not on that level. It can't be on that level. There is no 1, 2, 3 to Godwriting. And then we thought of the wonderful word IGNIITE. That's what a Godwriting workshop seems to do.

A workshop sets the climate for learning but not for teaching. Godwriting is a natural process. I could never teach Godwriting anyway because I don't know how to Godwrite, except that I know God comes in and does it. If there is a teacher of Godwriting, it is God.

You ask great questions, Berit. Ask some more!

For some reason, my post in

For some reason, my post in response to your questions, Berit, is not showing on the list of comments. Let's see if this one does!

Dearest Gloria, many thanks

Dearest Gloria,

many thanks for the beautiful explanation of how you feel with personal Godwritings. God is expressing through you angel in a most beautiful way, and reading your explanations is nearly like being there with you while you're doing it.
I too did let my question hibernate while thinking to write it down, and as I told you, suddenly a thought flashed through my mind and God gave a most important initial answer or clue. Nothing to do with the overwhelming answer that came through you, but just to underline the different ways God interacts with us when we are open to receive.
Beautiful too the answer concerning personal Godwritings which already give you a topic and a fresh Heavenletter to be written, indeed it is flying blind, but what a wonderful pilot you've got !! I am so happy that Godwriting has been bestowed on you and that it is indeed giving you so much happyness and a deeper and deeper connection to God. Life is really a most amazing miracle !!

The idear of video and personal contact group interaction is marvelous, is wonderful !!!!! The audios could be translated into the other languages and run under the video as subtitle !! I like very much what you say about workshops and that's it not a question of teaching but of learning. Of course all the Godwriting is directly supervised by the Big Boss Himself, that's really the beauty, it's His gift to us !

Many many thanks again dearest Gloria, big big hus to you !!

Dear Berit, I do not know

Dear Berit,

I do not know when, but I would like to participate a Godwriting seminere someday and somewhere near here, somewhere in Europe maybe :wub:

see you then


Me too!

Me too!

Dearest Engin and dearest

Dearest Engin and dearest Gloria,

yes, that would be great, I mean to participate life to a Godwriting workshop. It really must be an amazing experience !!!

Love and big hugs to both !!!