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Taking Hold By Letting Go


With the issue of control aside
Left behind
Replaced by the Essence of My Light
What, then, would You do with Your life?
Would You
Knowing there's nothing to fight, against or for
Try, let it fly, Now more than before?
With the ceasing of having to be
Would You breathe?
Or better said
Would You Be
With the Breath?
Would You set free?
Knowing this is the Truth
Of All
Always In Me
With the issue of control behind
Then out of Your life
Would you truly take hold
Of the value of Eternity?
Would you come from
This moment of Now
My Perfect Timing?
I'm sure You would
In fact, You always have
As Gladness, never really sad
As Isness so openly filled, only in dreams could it be mad
As Goodness, incapable of being bad
As Godness, beyond the littleness of limitation's would be fad
Never felled
Taking hold
By letting go

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008


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Well 'said' Beloved Berit

Well 'said' Beloved Berit ~
and 'ditto'!!!

We love you Mike!



You have no idea how much u

You have no idea how much u wonderful, beautiful, Godsent spiritual women mean 2 me 2! it's beyond words...and the men here too! everyone as love...michael:)