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Au 'voir

I wish you all a fond farewell
As I do now take leave
I'm off to see Madeira
As my path through life I weave

A time to cherish Nature
To be with Mother Earth
Enjoying all Her wondrous gifts
As horizons new I birth

See you all when I return
Refreshed reborn anew
Until then I send you love
And bid you all adieu!

I'll be off line shortly for a while Beloved Brothers & Sisters.

Love and hugs to everyONE


Adieu (go with God), Au

Adieu (go with God), Au revoir (see you again), dearest Mary!

So you are off to Madeira? This sounds like a holiday or retreat into paradise in the sun to me. 8) You will find nature at its best there and it will surely, nurture, enrich, and revitalize you. I wish you nothing but the best for you! :thumbup:

In the mean time, I will be missing your creative and loving presence here. :( Want to add, that I loved your latest e-card (DNA) with the most beautiful iris and God’s eternal words! :wub:

Cheers to you (with Madeira wine) :thumbup: until you come back to us refreshed and renewed!
Love you, :wub:

Sweetest Mary, I wish you a

Sweetest Mary,

I wish you a most wonderful time !!!! Thanks for all the wonderful creations, I LOVE THEM ALL ! Waiting for your return, I send you big hug !!

Much love

Thank you my beautiful Soul

Thank you my beautiful Soul Sisters!

Yes ~ I am going on holiday to enjoy Mother Nature, and to take lots of new pics of Her in all of Her glory! :)

And this, (from todays HL), sums it up most beautifully, 'cause it's exactly what I'll be doing!

"What could be easier than the two of Us arm and arm strolling around the world and loving it,
and loving to be together in Our Oneness."

Love and hugs to everyONE ~



i didn't know where that

i didn't know where that i looked it up and now i have a great idea for a future vaca...thanks and enjoy...speak w ya when we do...SM...BM:)