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My Responsibility To You


My responsibility to You
Is to Be there for You
To Hold You
To care for You
To embolden You
No matter what
To epitomize Love
Through thick and thin
In good times and "sin"
For there is no without
When Ours Is, Within

As Your Forever Friend
Mine is to uphold Your Truth
Which I did imbue
From the "start"
I imparted My Heart
Never to part
Never afar
For Here
Unknowing of fear
Ours is the original love affair to utter
"I Love You, My Dear"

You And I are One
Is My promise
And Gift
My "responsibility"
I offer and Give
That no one can come between
With which nothing can interfere
It's the easiest of "jobs" to do
That's ever been done
And make no mistake, It Is Done
My Forever Free Created, Daughters and Sons

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Sweetest Mike, I think this

Sweetest Mike, I think this is my favorite here !!!! Oh, it is so sweet and loving, it is the pure and nectarine love of God for all His children, I really love this so very much, THANK YOU !!!!!!

Love your heart dear

Every new day is our

Every new day is our favorite day too 'cause Berit IS in it...Being the living Poem of God's tender Love...thanks as always 2 u 2 tambien...michael:)