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Beyond Illusions Veils

My Being is vibrating
To wondrous vibrant sound
That echoes deep within my heart
To where my Soul is found

Colours emanating
In wondrous radiant hue
Sparkling in Love’s inner Light
In peace I’m One with You

Feelings in my Soul
That speak without a word
Every note caressing me
Love’s sweet refrain is heard

Outside of space and time
Boundless joyous free
Floating in contentment
Pure peace of You and me

Feelings beyond words
That fill my heart and Soul
Within this precious moment
Pure Essence of The Whole

Mind and body stilled now
Floating in Love’s sea
The beauty of Divinity
Doth feed and nourish me

Beyond illusions veils
Boundless joyous free
Above below within without
My Soul is One with SHe



GREAT STUFF...ohhh to feel

GREAT STUFF...ohhh to feel "beyond illusion's veil"...and not just read or write about it...this is the Way to Be...espero que si

thank you for your loving

thank you for your loving words..Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

I've been lifted off into

I've been lifted off into "the beauty of Divinity" and feel great joy! Reaching the last sentence: "My Soul is One with SHe", I had to :big

Forever thanks, Mary!


:wub: :wub: :wub:


Love and gratitude to all of

Love and gratitude to all of you beautiful Souls.
It is so wonderful to belong to such a heavenly family!

I love each and everyONE of you!

Hugs and kisses to ONE and ALL