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The Presence

Follow the Star
Dedicated to my personal trainer, Janine Hightower and to all the healers God has sent to me to help me along my healing path:

Stairs looming – my Mt. Everest I faced them with such dread
“Would my muscles make the climb?” - the thought inside my head.
Hug banister so tightly – my lifeline – climber's rope
Lead-like legs – they'd find their way – up the staircase slope.

Grateful I can do it and for all things great and small
But tired of the struggle not to mention fear of fall.
“I sent a training angel – you know her, she's your friend
To help your muscles strengthen – on her you can depend.”

Unsure of what was possible – unsteady on my feet
But pictures dancing in my head of graceful times so sweet.
A ballet star at 4 years old, but virus snuffed its light
So God sent me an angel – for healing now in sight.

The gift of caring for myself – unleash the fear and doubt
Allow this loving angel to help turn the tide about.
My mind transforms the body while love transforms my soul
I feel Your strength within me – broken places now made whole.

I'm a prima ballerina filled with confidence and Grace
Muscles work in tandem – center stage is now my space!
This joyous journey of my life-Your guiding star takes lead
The body healed, the heart renewed my soul can now be freed.

So sweet Marysunshine.

So sweet Marysunshine. Thank you for your gift of dance...and your gift of heart. Many blessings...and loving you always, Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Very moving, and what a

Very moving, and what a beautiful dedication to your helpers in your healing journey!

May you continue to follow the Star.

Dearest Mary, you really

Dearest Mary,

you really touched my heart with this ! I feel you have described the joyful path your soul has choosen and fears and doubts that belong to our body conscience and to our mind. It is a reminder that the agenda of our soul is a much more larger one, over spilling with love, joy and confidence, for our soul knows that all is well.
Thank you sweetest Mary !

Love and blessings

The Guiding Star It Is your

The Guiding Star It Is your Self
That shines inside of you
Cascading Light within without
In wondrous golden hue

Namaste beautiful Sister