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In Surrender

In surrender
I give up
I give in
I trust
In love

Yet not the "love" whose needs
Must be met
Before it receives
Before it sets free
That's all wound up in a fuss

But Love
Equally, evenly, freely
Every single particle and piece
Of Us

As we are
Not judging as near or far
But that establishes the bar
As nothing but windblown sand
That blesses perfectly all within the seas and upon the lands

To this
I give myself
I lay down illusion of all kinds
That I may Live from Divinity's Heart and Mind

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

Love Berit

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Beautiful Michael, I loved

Beautiful Michael,

I loved it...

Thanks for sharing and your heart... :)

Love and Blessings,

Scott Arant
Ps. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....:)

Thanks so much for sharing,

Thanks so much for sharing, for caring soooooo much, Scott and Berit...the most joyous of holidays and each and every Holy-Day to You and Yours as well...mike:)