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Right From The Very "Start"

It is Mine
To rest in the Divine
The Plan
Is to utilize time
As Light
Not worrying about whether those that "know" us
Truly know us
Rather, Are We
In Holy Matrimony
To God's Perfect Love
To the utmost we do live
As we Give
Instead of waiting upon receipt
Eternity's Wedding Band
S/He placed spaciously upon the Heart
Of All
From before time began
Right from the very "Start"

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

You know I love the poems

You know I love the poems you write. I don't comment every time, but I sure read, and I sure appreciate, Mike.

Will you tell us sometime what the process of writing poetry is for you?

thanks Gloria for the kind

thanks Gloria for the kind response...hmmm...actually, i don't consider it poetry or myself a poet...i call them creative expressions with me being a spiritual reminder...(first and foremost, 'cause i'm so much in "need" of reminding)...i either write with a title in mind first...otherwise, it's a general theme...sometimes it flows and is done within minutes, with my fingers barely catching up to "my mind"...othertimes, i'm playing with it, with the words, mixing and matching, spending alot more time, attempting to find the balance between the message and it's rythym and rhyme...i used to come alot more from fear and, it's more often about setting everyone free by not being the victim that was, is or will be...there's still much to learn, more to go and yet I/We are already interesting paradoxical this way i guess love is a choice...but a choice to embrace love being love instead of a not yet or an attainment to come...if i had more schooling and worldly experience i could probably be a better writer and have more to offer but i'm not sure how needed that is either since it's really about the simplicity of the moment of Now, of Us Being the Peace that we seek..i'm aware...of our love...of my shortcomings as it were...i'm amazed at how life can be so complex and simple all in the same how it can seem so big then so small...i'm still as a child as far as being childesh is concerned, instead of Childlike...but then i read Heavenletters or tThe Way Of Mastery or whatever or sit with Nature, or my Breath and then it's not about anything but the perfect purity of this moments allowance...i love writing...almost addicted to it...sometimes it's an escape...often it's God calling me to speak of The Way....'m not all that into chit/chat...unless pertaining to sports or spirituality or sometimes politics or the love of kids or the elderly or animals or nature...but i have my social moments too...and i think that's when i'm living the lessons of the kids and animals and nature...dunno...not sure how much of that makes sense...i'm a inherent defender/protector of those considered not worthy or "less than" though i can be judgmental too of authority figures too...anyway...this, in perhaps different ways, is life in a nutshell for us all...i often feel strange and different as far as the world is concerned but this may be my excuse not to give totally of myself and that there is an "out there" world where i don't fit in...when it's purely perception that makes me feel as if out or much to think on and so much to let love...and thanks again...m:)

Dearest Mike, thanks for

Dearest Mike,

thanks for sharing so openly ! I think you are very sweet and a wonderful soul here on earth right now. You have a wonderful heart, God's heart, no schooling or wordly experiences can match with God's heart. I love all that you have shared and I feel close to you.
You are a most wonderful and beautiful blessing to this Heavenfamily and I'm glad you are here with us.
God bless you


Berit, i totally adore u and

Berit, i totally adore u and appreciate beyond words that u r always, in all ways, there, Here, for me, for all, and how You always remind of love by Being the gentle, sweet supporting example that comes from the Above, the fray of mankinds me-me-me but that Is, the Radiancy, the Light that Is, at peace, setting free...such an Angel of Grace...con todo el amor que tengo...michael:)