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God's discipline

Hi each.. I was just thinking about my circumstances and situations.. and well have come to conclusion, only to pray and give thanks be grateful, not to ask God for things,

because in my experience, i ask he says no it is not good for you.. Even when one window closes another is meant to open??? Surely this is so.. Does God punish us for our sins, he disciplines and corrects I wonder he is loving and Compassionate.. Understanding or so I am told or am I being like doubting Thomas...
and I am grateful for He is my Father who art in Heaven... He wants all to come to him as little children, but is hard when the answer still comes back as no... to my own. When a circumstance occurs which is no one's fault and no one wants to take responsibility for the outcome of someone life that will affect their future.

He is in control and has plans not to harm but for a hopeful future... Or is this me being a little cynical perhaps... and I feel at present rather close to dear old Job... and this may sound like a tale of woe... but I am full of love awe and wonder of all God can do and praying for my daughter. Luv Daisy

Beloved Daisy, in your

Beloved Daisy, in your wisdom you bring up so many valuable points. I think your first sentence would be a good one for me to copy down and put up on the wall.

And I see from your last sentence that you are a true mother.

My understanding from Heavenletters is that God does not discipline. He does not punish. He does not judge. He tells us not to judge, so why would He?

He tells us to love, so would He do less?

And yet we experience heartache in our lives. And even when we cannot understand and don't know what to do, God is here loving us and calming us.

Peace and blessings, angel.

With love,


Hi Daisy, I was moved by

Hi Daisy,

I was moved by your writing and thought that since I have had to face some of the same thoughts as you that perhaps I could be of some comfort.

I have known of those many times when I asked and did not receive from God. But it is in our nature to ask things of God, is it not? But on the other hand there is no particular reason to get fixated on whether there is an answer to our immediate liking. So I think that if this is in our nature, this desire to ask of God, then Who has put that desire within? Isn't it God?

But again I do not wish to imply that we necessarily receive according to our immediate desires. We pray, and we let go of the demanding part of the prayer. We have faith that God will give as is best for us. But when we ask of God, it is so easy to begin the cycle of just thinking of God as the One Who answers, instead of just abiding in the presence of the love of God. As a famous person once said, seek ye first the kingdom of God.

I have seen that part of the reason I do not receive those things I ask for is that in my church background I have been taught to ask of God and that, of course(!) He will answer, if we have faith. (Well those teachings sounded great at the time.) So God has needed to upend my thinking, because I thought these teachings were absolute truth. He has needed to not answer my prayers because I never had the concept of God just being GOD!. I had the concept of God as my answer to my problems. But rather God just wants me to have the concept of Him as Him. He is as He is. (Not to get caught up in the gender thing.) But I just needed to let Him/Her be the Being in my life. I needed to see Him as my Lord and my God, and not a whole lot of other things.

So I would gently say, don't make it too much of an ironclad rule to 'not ask God for things'. But on the other hand maybe you really need some time in your life where you don't ask God for anything else except His presence in your life. Maybe you are right about this 'not asking'. But later you may want something and think, hmm...God, help! I'm scared if you don't help me now!

I agree with Gloria that God does not punish us for our sins, certainly not you, Daisy. Would God make a bunch of misfits like us, knowing our propensities and weaknesses, and then punish us, knowing that we were made this way? To do so would be like punishing Himself, wouldn't it? He/She started this whole ball rolling, knowing how we would end up in Temptationville. He wants to rescue us from this village, not punish us just because we have not figured out what the map looks like in this village...just because we do not know the right road and paths out of Temptationville. Look at Him to find the road...Is he not the way the truth and the light? So he is the road, the roadmap, and he/she controls the green traffic lights in this city. The way, truth and light.

Discipline, ooh, a painful subject, eh, Daisy? If you want to think of God as being a discipliner, remember the point is not your discomfort. The discomfort is just a tool to help you forget that you need temporal comfort. You need to have a greater feeing of the presence of God, right? Well, think of all of our wonderful comforts as something that substitutes for God sometimes. When the road becomes hard we cry out to God more sometimes. So God is only only using what you call discipline to help you to focus on the understanding that you do not particularly need comforts at all times.

I remember when I wrote the poem about Failure, and how I think I failed to express exactly how I felt. These things you call discipline, I could call failure, if they occurred in my life. But I have come to the point where I am in love with my failures. Because, Daisy, when you are in love with everything that isn't going right in your life, you begin to accept yourself completely. Of course I don't mean that I don't want anything to go right in my life, this would be against the nature of being human. So really, I can say I am very comfortable with my past failures. For example, if someone wants to call me an idiot, well, dude, you don't know the half of all the idiotic things I've done. I would have to admit that I am an idiot, I mean that's a part of me right? But I am beginning to learn to love my stupid idiocy. And when I can love my failures and stupidities, who can put me down? One says I'm an idiot, and I say praise the Lord, God loves idiots.

I don't mean to sound like I am to the point where I love the failures that I am facing today. For these things today that aren't going right I have to go to God and ask Him how am I going to get out of this mess? But tomorrow I will look back at what is today's mess and go, wow, that was a really good mess. I learned to love my messes a little more yesterday. And of course I want things to go tolerably well enough for me in the future. I don't love the prospect of failing tomorrow but I can handle it if I do. Give me liberty or give me death. I can handle either. Give me blessings or give me something else. It's all from God, in a way, since He made the whole Operation Earth.

Life gives challenges, and then I dig under them or through them or over them to deal with it. But God provides the shovel, and the strength to dig and the knowledge of how to dig.

If it is your daughter's condition which is making you feel as Job, I would only write, let God work it out. Don't think, well, maybe God won't work it out for me because He needs to discipline me. He doesn't need to discipline. He isn't caught up in that. Life just does alot of disciplining without God having to add on. Let God rescue you from this life. Let Him be your Rescuer. Sometimes the rescuing will be an understanding that it's okay if everything doesn't go exactly as you hoped for. But other times the rescuing will be what you need. God knows what type of rescue operation He/She needs to perform. So let Him perform.
Feeling at one with Job and the doubting Thomas is not a complete solution. It makes you feel sympathetic towards the conditions of others but it is only feeling closer to God that really brings you closer to God. Lay it all in the lap of God and don't expect discipline (or failure) but just let God do the Doing, how He does His doings in you.

Perhaps sometimes certain answers to prayer would not be good for you, as you write. But other times these thoughts come in to our heads, and it only cuts us off from praying more concerning the situation. These thoughts of 'this isn't good for me, that's why God does not give it' can separate us from God because we give up and stop praying for whatever we may need. But, on the other hand, sometimes what we pray for isn't the best for us. So I am just writing that sometimes we don't really know why the answer has not come. And we shouldn't too quickly assume we know why something wasn't answered exactly as we would hope.

To everyone else, hi, I just thought Daisy needed a little thumbs up. The heart stirred within, and the fingers typed. Blessings all. Love from the mountain of God's rest. Perhaps I'll write again in some month or time when this heart stirs again. Until then, all you fans of God, be well.

And to the daughter of Daisy, be well.

What great love and

What great love and understanding your response shows. What a blessing.

Hi Mark and at1ment Thank

Hi Mark and at1ment Thank you both so much for your wonderful kind replies, Just I think is a difficult period at this period of my life, and all though i was feeling kind of angry and blaming God, well realise that i am in the position i am in from my own poor judgements, and that God Is Good, He is my friend and Helper and i just felt the other day abandoned.. I guess we all have those times, but we have to continue to Trust and keep His Faith. I had one of those moments when everything just becomes too much to bare but realising He wants my undivided attention and although my daughters situation is not quite sorted out, have had part of answer to the problem, and is wonderful and marvelous how prayers are answered. Blessings from the bottom of my heart to each one of you.. Luv Daisy

What a pleasant surprise to

What a pleasant surprise to hear from you, Mark :) not only do you bring to us intelligence but heartfelt innocence...and a I too have felt or feel like the wise man and the fool but you quickly remind not to use that as a tool to remain down low instead of remembering we're on High, that this is how we "grow"...anyhew...nice to hear from You...:) mike

Hi Mark this is a wonderful

Hi Mark this is a wonderful reassuring piece of writing, feel so much better and calmer. in the reading very grateful for wise comment. I look forward reading your posting soon Luv Daisy

It is Beauty that acts as if

It is Beauty that acts as if something less...
It is Truth that pretends to be false...
It's Life playing hide and seek...
As if Life Itself isn't already found?
And this It
Is Us
In a play
So perhaps we can take solace that we're One with the Highest of the Highs
Unbound to time
That is sooooooo powerful that it can somehow
Make believe to be less than It Is
Than We Are
Not sure if this is helpful
Just wanted to say Daisy
That I/We Know You As soooo wonderfully Great
In your humility
As Peace
In God's tranquility
With unlimited ability
Only in dreams
Not free
And so it is with us all
in love

Hi Mike... Yes this captures

Hi Mike... Yes this captures my present circumstance beautifully In God's tranquility
To this way i must follow,
with unlimited ability
to be free
each step of the way
as I let go the self-realization
that i am a failure,
as a sinner...
with eyes open know
God has compassion
Love, Deep abiding joy and peace
for eternity. Luv Daisy

you make me

you make me :) Daisy....hip-hip-hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mike, and to you

Hi Mike, and to you Daisy...remember, this thing we call sin, does it draw God closer to us perhaps? Who would a rescuer rather help, someone drowning, or someone who needs no help? Think of this thing we call sin as the reason God wants to help us. If we were perfect, of course God would love us just as much, but when we fall into behaviours we do not approve of, it is then that God wants to help us all the more, to help us clean up the after effects, and to help us learn how to get the better of our temptations. Love, markw...

Mark, I appreciated your

Mark, I appreciated your saying "the thing we call sin." God in Heavenletters does NOT believe in sin. As I remember, He has said we're better off without that concept. Believing in that judgmental word makes us fearful and feel guilty -- not very high vibrations. God also tells us again and again to get out of the past. Past actions are past. And we already know it's better not to judge, not even ourselves. I believe He says not to condemn anyone, and that includes ourselves. What is good about putting ourselves in a bad light.

If the concept of that 3-letter word- brought us closer to God, there would be a lot more people closer to God.

Frankly, we don't need that word at all. It takes us away from the sense of love.
God loves us as we are. Love heals. Negative words don't.

Let's throw that word out the window.

Hi each thank you all for

Hi each thank you all for your wonderful reassuring comments I agree with you Gloria that this three letter word be thrown out the window, Lets just say i was having a bad day and once i sat down in peace and prayed prayerfully... I listened and heard God he said to me let Go of all... let light and love flow.... Today I feel as if immersed in His light and love a good light, for in my plea he heard me and I am now closer to God and know he was with me in a darkened place He comforts, guides and gives us grace..How wonderful His Love . Love Daisy

Hi Gloria, I phrased it that

Hi Gloria, I phrased it that way because we in this society have no idea what that word means from God's point of view. I love all of my past because I understand what the word means. If I call that word 'failure', that is why I have written that I have been kissed by it. I am Failure in all its forms and I am completely and totally 100% loving of that. Why shouldn't I be? My past I can not change, I might as well love it, all the more to learn from it. When I can love all of my aspects which at first do not seem pleasing to me, then I can love others who have aspects of their lives which at first blush do not seem pleasing to me. What I mean really, by the word failure, is all of those things which at first experience of them I do not seem to like. This seeming not to like them is not how God would want us to see them. All of these experiences are wonderful when we can see them as they should be seen.
If I can not love my past then I can not completely love the God who had a hand in creating my past.
When one goes to a therapist, don't they just try to help us accept our past which we have labeled as something negative?
I am only responsible for the present moment, not the past. I do not have to fail in the present in order to love myself. In fact, as you have written, there is no failure...more especially if one sees failure in its proper light. As I have also hinted at, failure is just success in another form.
There are no negative words if we understand them correctly. How can a word be negative? It is only a collection of letters. What is negative is the meaning we attach to it. If we are not to judge, how can we judge a word of being negative? It is only our improper understanding of the word which has the potential to offend. This is not to say I want permission to use the word, it is only to explain.

We write about this stuff all of the time on heavenletters. Not to invovle another writer, so I won't use his name, but he says some people are not really "handicapped" they are just challenged, and he is of course right. We have negative connotations concerning certain words only because we have learned to associate negativity with these words. I call it failure, another calls it handicapped, but it is all good when seen from God's view. There is a purpose for it all. It is all a wonderful thing here on earth which God has made for our viewing pleasure.

Now if I have failed to persuade you, it is a failure on my part. And I love it. And you are loved. And if I were to write a whole book on this and fail to convince even one reader, then that book has still had its purpose. Every letter, every comma is still beautiful.
And you are loved. No definition of words can change this. Love conquers all, even words which we do not understand completely.
We see ourselves as cleansed before God. We can take it one step further and see everything on this earth cleansed by God. Every idea, every thought, every polluted drop in every polluted river, every mistake, every fight. One day God will cleanse it all. And it begins with us, from us to God. We will cleanse it all with God. We will do everything good with God, because one day, it will be impossible for anyone of us to do anything without God. Love, markw

Most beloved brilliant Mark,

Most beloved brilliant Mark, who can debate the love, beauty, and wisdom of what you say. Your perception of your past is wonderful!

It is good to just state how we feel. No one needs to be persuaded! Don't we resist it?!!!

You mention people not being handicapped but challenged. I think God would go even further and say perhaps that those we call handicapped are blessed. A case in point is that little boy who cannot move his physical body, and yet taught himself to read at the age of three, and communicates the messages He hears from God. He is way ahead of the rest of us..

I remember some time a friend said: “How do you know that the people you feel sorry for, because of poverty or whatever, aren’t feeling sorry for you?” We may be sorry for someone who lives in a hut, and he may be thinking how unfortunate we are with all the running around we have to do.

We never do finish expressing ourselves, dear one, do we? Let's keep on anyway. None of us needs the final word!

Love you,


Hi Gloria, Mark, at1ment,

Hi Gloria, Mark, at1ment, Some of you might know I used to be a Special needs one-to-one support assistant..and used to look after these wonderful people who i found taught me far more about myself than i could ever teach them... I hope you don't mind if I share... about some of them I won't mention any names but those i had the priveledge to meet... I found that they just wanted to be treated and accepted as we all do with love, compassion and understanding, I have a theory that we all have special needs of one kind or another some of us more than most, so we all need to be forgiving, loving compassionate and understanding I worked with a little chap with what they call Cerebral palsy he could not walk, and had other things wrong.. He smiled the whole time, did not complain at all not the slightest grumble and puts me to shame, and when sometimes like the other day i take a tumble and a fall i think of this boy pick myself up dust myself down and turn a frown into a smile... and another little boy of two and half who had surgery for a whole in the heart, saw a butterfly and called it a flyby... again he brought joy, those who he met... we have such a lot to learn Luv Daisy

Please tell us more.

Please tell us more.

Hi Gloria, of course i can

Hi Gloria, of course i can share with you.. Gee I miss those kids, the very big boy who had Autism, he was only four and big as an 8 year old.

I was to take him to the zoo, he used to kick, people including me, but I got round that by taking off his shoes and then it didn;t hurt so much. I know i got many a bruise... He would pull people's glasses and their hair but if you warned them before hand they were ready and could duck out of the way. Another thing we had was every break time he would throw his big cup all over the other children and tip up the table this happened a number of times. I was racking my brains working out what was causing him distress. I had a chat with mum and she said at home he had his own two handled cup. So we asked mum to bring one into the group, Peace was restored. For a while i held on to the other side of the cup so when he went to throw it I could stop the cup from flying. This only happened twice and then gradually we took the lid off the cup, moved to a one handled cup, and then he went to a beaker. It was a process of small steps.

I once took him to a place called Godstone farm, we used to go on an old fashioned red bus... I went with him and his mum a few times...

Well this particular occassion his mum could not go as she had broken her leg when he pulled the radiator of the wall and pushed her down the stairs. I arrived to pick him up to find him throwing his shoes out of the window. I don't know why but i would only have to appear and he would calm down i could talk to him.

Well getting back to the tale, we arrived at the zoo and walked around looking at the animals, fortunately another member of staff
was helping me. Well he needed a restroom, and he went with the staff member as they came out he saw some Goats... and started running as fast as his legs could carry him. Next thing he took a big leap and leapt over the fence, I am not sure who were more suprised The Goats looked around as if to say what is colleague went running after the lad and we got him out of the pen... and although at the time was quite serious It still brings a smile to my face as i see in my minds eye this child as he runs and leaps over the fence, my colleague and I had such a chuckle later...

When working with these children one must remember that they act on impulse, it is so rewarding when you receive a big hug or you make some connection... on the way home he handed me a book of Thomas to read on the bus and also a book of farm animals to see the delight on his face, and i knew he had a good day as he rested his head on my shoulder with a smile on his face.

Thing we must remember is that Parents think they want them to change, it is their behaviours that are wrong and not the children themselves.. It is only the behaviour that you are trying to correct.. for them to learn a new set of rules so they can fit in with society.
Some children who need help are hopefully identified earlier the help they require is given them, sometimes they make such wonderful progress... and others well not quite so This boy had a number of problems but i shall always remember this child for his strength of character.How he would never give up, and he would never let anyone tell him he couldn't do something. How amazing
just to keep trying no matter what happens

As far as I know he is in a Special needs boarding school and able to get the care, help and support he needs. I have a few other stories to share if you would like me to share keeping their identities secret well for obvious reasons. There are a few other stories i have to share perhaps another time. Luv Daisy

This is a fabulous story you

This is a fabulous story you tell. You have to make up names for the children you gave so much love to, for what you have told us is a love story, Daisy. So much love.

The teacher/child relationship is so special. I, too, sometimes miss some of the fun of teaching.

Where is everyone? Why aren't they reading this and commenting on it?

Please keep on sharing your love stories.

Hi Gloria glad you like them

Hi Gloria glad you like them and these stories all perfectly true... from my adventures back then... and God has a plan and a purpose, here in the present aswell as the future. We be thankful and grateful for everything. Luv Daisy

Oooh, Dearest Gloria, it is

Oooh, Dearest Gloria, it is good to have a meeting of minds and spirits and souls, is it not? I was waiting all night thinking I might have earned another small rebuke from you, but, alas you see this point I have made.
But even better than persuading is to be persuaded. And I must admit your thinking about this is persuasive...

What I mean is that one time I went to a meeting and the New Age speaker said, "there is no such thing as ..." (Now I hesitate to use that word, even in a context we can all probably understand.) And I had been so caught up in guilt at the time that, really, that thought was beneficial for me. Because it was not "..." (the reader understands) in my life that was a problem, it was my reaction to it. And so what the speaker said was truth for me because it was one of those things that I needed to hear.

And so I have been wondering all night, what is the best definition of that word? I mean the healthiest definition of it, for us, where we are at in our spiritual lives?

And my conclusion is this: the best definition of that word is that definition which helps you in your spiritual growth right now. Of course, any definition which enables negative emotions to foster are not going to help us in our growth.

But the other thing that is funny, is that I keep on needing to use that word in these comments but, you are right, it is an unnecessary word, because many of us have these ingrained negative stereotypes about that word. To use that word gives it a kind of power of its own.

Can I add perhaps a definition of that word that might be helpful? Yes, I see you nodding your head. Good, not too much nodding, or you will fall asleep :) Please class, pay attention!

People were taught certain concepts which they thought were true and they passed them on to the next generation.

Wow, your heavenletter today has the feel of some of the best (of the good) gnostic readings I've come across. Take that as a compliment.

Hey mike, how ya doin'. Hah! I know you are peeking! :)

Daisy, this kind of job is so good for the spirit, isn't it. I think God lets them have these "disabilities" and then balances their "pain" out by not letting them see that they have any "pain". Everything is all balanced out, isn't it? We are in life like we are on a seesaw. Well, I must go. On Prancer, on Dasher! Love in many forms, markw

How I enjoy your writing,

How I enjoy your writing, Mark! Mark, I don't have your email address. Can you sent it to me or something?

Much appreciated.

With love, Gloria

Gloria, I don't know your

Gloria, I don't know your email. How to send? Yo' disciple, markw

Disciple Schmiple! Mark, you

Disciple Schmiple! Mark, you can look at the bottom of your Heavenletter or give me your email address! Thanks.

Dear Gloria, I am being too

Dear Gloria, I am being too closed off. Here it is ... disciple_schmiple!@yahoo. :) No, no really it's markmontw [at] yahoo [dot] com. I sense a good conversation coming on...yes I know what it's about! Your going to make me think again! Toodles, markw

Hey, Mark...yes i was

Hey, Mark...yes i was "peeking", reading, I always enjoy your musings and writings and am enjoying the fact that you all are so much in thing i'm grateful for and am learning here...not to be attached to results, not to expect anything, but to love, to give, to share "just" Because...which is the cake and the icing all in One...Peace all...mike

Hi all Peace, yes please let

Hi all Peace, yes please let there be peace, and i feel like not coming on any more all i seem to do is cause upsets and this is not my intention at all so please all accept my apolgies. i did not want anyone to be told off on my account. Luv Daisy

Daisy dear, I wasn't told

Daisy dear, I wasn't told off if that's what you're worried about. I've kind of felt the same at times, that I've caused a few problems here and there, but we're a big family. Gloria had to edit one of my very recent comments because I had not considered how some people that I didn't realize might be on heavenletters would react to it. She liked what I wrote but I hadn't factored in this aspect of it. So don't worry, be the Happy One. Smiles, markw

Beloved Daisy, you know you

Beloved Daisy, you know you are loved and we want you to stay here.

Hi Gloria, Many thanks i

Hi Gloria, Many thanks i know, It was just the wrong thing to read at the wrong time... and am glad you want me to stay... just a tad oversensitive at the moment but learning to live and be Happy... I also share something on the Spiritual journey forum... later. and all is well. Luv Daisy

Beloved Daisy, hold the love

Beloved Daisy, hold the love in your heart so the next time you feel sensitive, you don't dream of leaving. You are one who gives love, so just keep on giving it. I know God gives you enough love to last.