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The Breath of Life

Life's a sea
Of Cosmic Motion
In breaths out breaths
Divine Ocean

In breaths
Fill one's heart and Soul
Out breaths
From The Divine Whole

Gently moving
On life's shore
In and out
Forever more

Cascading Love
On sands of time
As One we breathe
In endless rhyme

I feel Life's Breath
Within my Soul
In knowingness
I Am Whole

Eternal motion
Ebbing flowing
To my Self
Life is showing

From within
That I Am Life
In Love I swim

Each breath caressing
Divine shore
In gratefulness
I ask for more



You write poetry, compose

You write poetry, compose beautiful music, sing -- what else do you do, dear Mary Josephine!

Oh bless you dear Gloria ~

Oh bless you dear Gloria ~ thank you so much!

I suppose you could call me a mystic poet! I love listening to The Voice of God in the silence within my own Soul, and transmuting it into sound and ryhme. I also love walking in Nature with my camera, and taking photographs of God, for I see God's beauty in all the wonders of Nature and like to capture it all in my camera and then make graphics with the images, to harmonise with my poetry and music on my web site. I basically just love being creative. It is my joy and delight to create and share beauty, in any way that I can.

It is also my joy and delight to receive your Divine Heavenly Letters every day!
You are a great Blessing in my life Gloria, and indeed in the lives of many thousands of others too!

Bless you for being such a beautiful angel!

May all your days be filled with Love, Joy, & happiness ~



Love Berit



Divine writing, Mary...the

Divine writing, Mary...the sublime in rhyme...moving to and from the pace of Spiritual Love...great stuff...mike:)

Beautiful Poetry Mary, very

Beautiful Poetry Mary, very inspiring!

D. Scott Arant

Dear Berit, Mike, &

Dear Berit, Mike, & Scott,

Thanks so much for your lovely notes!
"The sublime in rhyme" ~ I love that line Mike! :)

Lots of Love to all of you ~