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Don't Feel Sorry for Them

Don’t Feel Sorry for Them

God Said:

Scott, don’t ever feel sorry for any of my children that come into this world as “handicapped” as you would say. None of my children are handicapped. They might be challenged but there is a huge difference between these two references.

Handicapped infers there is something wrong with them, either physically, psychologically, mentally or psychically. I am going to repeat which has been said before… “God does not make a faulty creation”. “God does not make mistakes”. None of my creation was done in error, or flawed in any way. It is all perfect and complete and in divine order.

Saying the handicapped is flawed or made inferior to other human beings is really saying God makes mistakes. It becomes a flawed judgment you make. Do you believe I made you? Do you believe that I made a mistake with the creation of you? No, my beloved. You are not a mistake, just like those who come to this earth challenged are not a mistake. In fact, they are made in divine perfection.

If you could know as I know and see as I see, you would say that I made them special. This of course is a perception too. The specialness is that they chose this handicap as you would call it to experience a challenge and to accomplish a karmic goal. This goal or intention was something they desired to experience so that again they could experience all the divine they could experience.

They knew coming in there would be challenges that would sometimes seem incomprehensible, and even insurmountable in nature. This is their way of showing how much they trust me and love me. Not that anyone has to prove anything to me. No one has to prove their love for me just as I don’t have to prove my love for you. They come here with this challenge to prove something rather to themselves. Their motive is one of love. They want to learn something that they were not able to, or could accept, or experience in another existence.

Their eyes were wide open to this challenge and it does not come as a surprise even though they might not be conscious of it in their thoughts. Deep inside of them though they know with the knowing of God. They know that this challenge that they came here with was to be a light so bright that it would shine upon all. Their love was to be perfected and seasoned.

These were so delighted to come here in this form. They knew in the bigger scheme of things that all would be benefited by their challenge. They were so excited to do this for the good of themselves and humanity. They wanted to teach you some patience and compassion too. They wanted to expand your love. Many came in totally helpless. This was an act on their part of great love for you.

Again, most would view it as a colossal handicap. Many would say… “Why would God if he was such a good, kind and benevolent being make such a being as this”? They say, “Why would God put these parents through this kind of thing”? As if, God really didn’t know what it was doing. They thought this was all a mistake and a grave error in your birth and creation. Many others gave your parent’s condolences and “sorry’s” for you my beloved. As if God did indeed make you flawed.

They just don’t see your specialness do they? They focus rather on their perception of your “handicappedness” rather than your gifts to humanity and to them. They misperceived and judged you as flawed. Do I misperceive you my beloved child? No, I see your potential as I always do…I see your deep compassion and love for all. It is others that see through their natural reasoning-these see your perceived “flawdness”.

I do want all to know though, that with each perceived challenge that you are given, you also have some hidden gifts that accompany these challenges, like jewels that will come to the surface and be exposed to the world. You are actually gifted in ways that are many times not perceived. Have you lost your sight my beloved? Look for the inner vision and get in touch with your divine intuition. Many of the ancients have called this perception and intuition your “third eye”.
Develop your third eye of intuition my child. It can be a great blessing to your brothers and sisters of this earth.

For every perceived challenge you have my beloved, you also are enabled and gifted in areas yet to be found and discovered. If you have found them my beloved, happy are you. Do not use your perceived challenge as a way to live as a victim. Live as you came here to live. Be all you can be my child. Let the world see your gifts and your beauty. This beauty might not show up in your body, or in your looks. In fact, many times it looks, and appears as the opposite of beauty. It is the comeliness of your heart, and the magnificence of your light that I see. It is your love that I see. It is your beauty that reflects your divinity that I see.

Are you beginning to see that I see on a different level than humans see? Be thankful my child. Be very thankful that I do not see and perceive as most see. I only see your perfection and your utter and complete beauty. I see how you came in to experience something your soul wanted to experience. You will wear this as a badge of honor throughout all eternity. When all see you in your glorified state they will look at you in awe and utter love for that is what you came to experience on this earth.

After all, if everyone looked or acted alike it would be a boring world indeed. You came with special gifts to humanity and you brought these special gifts to the world. Don’t feel sorry for those you deem handicapped, rather think of them as special gifts to humanity. Honor them as those that wanted to deepen their love and their earthly experience. They wanted to experience transcendence of all earthly limitations. Bless them, for they are indeed blessed by me.

Love, God

Submitted by: D. Scott Arant

Most dear Scott, Do you

Most dear Scott,

Do you happen to recall how Dr. Phil appeared on Oprah's Show several times, and he was so popular and well-received that Oprah helped him to get his own show? What a lovely thing that was for everyone!

I kinda feel like I'm Oprah and you're Dr. Phil! You've appeared on the Heaven Show quite a bit, and it looks like it's time for you to have your own show. How do you feel about that?

Do you know that you can start a Yahoo group for free, and I understand it's easy to do. Another possibility would be to have your own blog. That might even be better. There are a lot of good sites that offer free blog space as well.

What will you call your show?

There are quite a few people who have taken the Godwriting workshop and continue to write every day or almost every day, and yet they are reluctant to share their Godwriting publicly. So you are like my dream come true.

Let me know what I can do to help you get started, Scott! And maybe you will have me appear as a guest on your show every now and then!

With love and blessings,


Dear Gloria, This idea of

Dear Gloria,

This idea of having another way to share Godwriting amongst Godwriters is what came up when we were designing this site. I remember the idea of this site was to keep focus on Heavenletters.

At the same time it was clear how powerful Godwriting can be in nurturing the relationship with God.

We intended to first launch the new version of the Heavenletters website and then a Godwriters platform for the online Godwriting workshops, Godwriters community and publishing of Godwriting from the International community of Godwriters.

Its all going along nicely. Just to let you and Scott know that we did already think of this in advance and that we intend to work on the Godwriters platform once we have the multi-lingual (internationalisation) aspect of this website working.

Some ideas we have in plan for the Godwriters website...

Each Godwriter will be able to publish their Godwriting as often as they wish.
Godwritings will be available in a bloglike fashion for each Godwriter (with archive and topics/tags)
Community comments on Godwritings
A move up system, where community members may move Godwritings up to the top of a listing, based on how true the Godwriting felt to them.

Although Yahoo groups and free blog service providers are very useful, they are somewhat generic and lack the flexibility that something we custom design will have.

One Love

All this sounds just

All this sounds just wonderful! It's so uplifting to read the different flavours of people's Godwriting. And I was thinking just like Gloria about Scott's Godwriting, I think you, Scott, should have a space of your own for them. And I think you should number them as well, like Gloria's Heavenletters. Maybe you are already doing so.


Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Senor, a custom design you

Senor, a custom design you would make! How wonderful the flexibility and beauty of a custom design from you! Yes, yes, yes! Once again, you give us your generous heart, broad vision, and incredible skills.

I very much like the freedom and inspiration your plan will offer Godwriters and those who will read the Godwriting.

Just one thing, I think it's important that we accept all Godwriting without in any way suggesting that one Godwriting is better or more popular than another. When we Godwrite, we have to be innocent, and I think in reading Godwriting too.

We are so fortunate to have you and a team of great translators and Heavenreaders and Godwriters to share their insights and help us move forward.

Scott, we have your enthusiasm to thank for having these ideas come to the forefront. Please can my idea about your getting your own blog!

Hi Gloria, You are such a

Hi Gloria,

You are such a wonderful know why? Because you only have one intent?
The intent is to spread love far and wide...from seashore to seashore...from mountain top to mountain top.

My intention in seeing you in Iowa was unknown. All I knew is I had a desire to "write or communicate for God". That is all I knew.
What I found out is that when I went to your workshop it became the opening for me that I needed. I was reluctant to call any of my writings or communications as Godwritings tm. It was because of you and your divine energy that was the catalyst for me to believe that God could write and communicate through me as a dvine channel.

I know very little about the internet outside of the fact that it is a great way to get out any information.

I, of course am not here ever to preempt, or to obscure your work Gloria, or detract anyone from your wonderful and angelic writings...I mean that too. :)

Your love Gloria is so great that you don't have any ulterior motives of getting fame...I know is all out of a wonderful and giving heart of love you do this. This is my heart as well. I was so glad when someone special to me sent me the Heaven Letters link. I spent several hours on your website at that time navigating it...investigating it. I loved it! What a divine blessing to humaity!

I remember you telling our workshop class that when you first started doing Godwritings tm you did it for yourself...then you shared it with your friends who seemed less than delighted with them. We know that most will at first think it quite audacious to speak with God and then to have God speak back to you as if you were some saint or prophet of God. But, we realize in the big scheme of things that God is interested in communicating to all of us in an intimacy of true communion. God has always desired this from his creation.
A friendship with us. I am interested in communicating this love as well.

I have had some thoughts about publishing some of these messages recieved but it would require everything to line up and all divine resources to come forward to help. I am excited about the possibilities of doing this but would need guidance from those who were in the know about the ins and outs of it.

Gloria, If this did develop into something that could help the world and spread more love...I am all for it.

I want to always make sure that you know I never had an intent to use the platform that you have to ever cause others to be drawn to me other than to you. God knows my heart is not there. I would to God that all would be able to communicate this vast and deep love of the divine to all mankind. I would that you all be divine messengers for God.

So, I would love to talk with you more about any ideas you might have where we can work together towards this common goal.

When I Godwrite tm I feel as the sprinter in the movie "Chariots of Fire" when he ran he felt God's pleasure. When I Godwrite tm I feel the same as he. I feel God's pleasure. May we all Godwrite tm and communicate to the world this unending love and romance with the divine.

I love you sweet blessing of God, Gloria!

Thanks for being so available to God...we are all eternally grateful for you and others for this great gift to mankind.

You will always be dear to my heart and an answer to my prayers!

Scott Arant
Ps. And should an unfoldment of this come to pass...of course I will have you as a regular...even if you don't resemble Oprah :)

Dearest Scott and dear

Dearest Scott and dear all,

I really think you should publish these wonderful Godwritings, in what ever form that may be.
It would be wonderful, amazing and breathtaking to read a book full of your Godwritings dear Scott, or to have a proper website, what ever you chose or will come up.
I'd love to do something to help you, let me know.
Heaven will surely show you the right/best way, everthing will come just at the right moment !

Gloria, I already told you, I know, but let me repeat it, YOU ARE A MOST SWEET AND WONDERFUL ANGEL !!!!


Sweet Berit, you are such a

Sweet Berit, you are such a wonderful cheerleader. :)

We will just see how it unfolds. It is our job to stay open to the divine and allow what is to happen to happen naturally and effortlessly.

I don't want to step out to early or to be too late. Correct timing is important too. I believe the world is ready for more love...more of God's unconditional love is what they really want.

You are a blessing to all Berit,


Beloved Scott, what a great

Beloved Scott, what a great grouping of energy we have here. I am so glad we can all bare our hearts on this spiritual forum.

God is the only One to thank. God gives Godwriting workshops, pulls you and others to come, and all Godwriting is His, not ours. Of course, as Paula pointed out, it comes with our own flavors.

The process of Godwriting itself is so valuable. Of course, we want all the words kept. I never want to lose even one word of God's. I love having Heavenletters to look at. I love reading them over and over, and I love that other people can read and love them. Yet, even if each Heavenletter disappeared the minute it was written, the writing down itself, the silent learning, the joy of writing down is enormous. It would still be wonderful, and I imagine that somehow the words would rebound all over the universe just as our thoughts do, only such higher vibration God's thoughts are than, speaking for myself, my own.

Do you agree about the power and value of Godwriting itself?

It wasn't so much that at first, my friends didn't like Heavenletters. It was when at first I mentioned I was Godwriting that I got funny looks, and that made me keep them to myself for a while. Then when I shared them -- first with friends -- they were welcomed. That doesn't mean that everyone welcomed them, and that is true for today as well.

It was probably good for me that I had that year of incubation by myself, to get strong because Godwriting is a tender thing and getting it out there can be a rocky road.

Did everyone read One Love's posting above? One Love is Heaven Admin, Mojah Media, Santhan. He is vital to the running of Heavenletters. He is more than a partner.

When we are on the road trip to Argentina with Michelle and Carol who both sponsored Godwriting workshops, one of the things we will work on is putting together an online Godwriting workshop. There is no lack of material for it. We probably have fifty times more than we need.

Another thing that will be in the works is figuring out a way to train others to also give Godwriting workshops. You notice I say give, not teach, for Godwriting is not taught. It is ignited. One of the qualifications would naturally be that the person devotedly does his or her own Godwriting and that, of course, their desire to help others learn be great.

More later, I'm sure!

With all love and blessings,


Please tell us what you

Please tell us what you would name your page, Scott, when Mojah Media sets up a Godwriter site? Or, if you have several ideas, maybe you would let us choose for you!!!

Thank you Santhan for your

Thank you Santhan for your generous comments...and thank you for seeing this...Heaven a way to reach the hearts of our generation with the message of this One Love as you so deliberately sign your comments.

I did not know for sure this was you until Gloria had mentioned that you posted a comment.

I am just open to the universe as to how this should all develop and materialize.

So, with that in mind I am open to any suggestions you might have to accomplish this work...this God-Work...which is the work of Spirit.

I have another website I have been working on where Spirit whispered in my ear the words... "The Love Channel" This has a dual meaning to where we can access God's vibration or frequency by dialing into his signal....called The Love Channel. The second meaning is that we are all conduits or vessels of God and that God can channel information and love through us as divine Co-Creators. I have not developed this specific website yet as it is under construction as we speak.

It will be: I could not get the website for the dot com was taken and parked as a domain you could purchase for about $3000.00. I decided to take the path of least resistance and to get the domain with the dot net instead. This saved me about $29990.00 in costs. So, that is what I have already done.

I like also the words that have come through several of my Godwritings tm as...God-Work. God-Work has been revealed to me as having a meaning that it was to be effortless work and fun-work. I like this too.

Anyway, what you would call this section of your website is whatever you feel is right that will correspond to your original vision for Heaven Letters.

I am just a "tag along" so to speak, tagging along with what you have already created...which I the way is great! I love the website It is beautiful beyond description. My heart is filled with love for what you all do for blessed humanity.

So, Santhan and Gloria, please feel totally free to make your own decision here...I am just tagging along. :)



That makes two of us, Scott.

That makes two of us, Scott. In these matters, I'm a tag-a-long too!

I have great confidence in One Love. He will come up with something wonderful and beautiful for us all.

I don't know how he does all he does (especially when I'm always pestering him!)

Somehow this beautiful soul has made Heavenletters his own.

And I have great confidence in you, Scott, and in your beautiful heart and love for Godwriting(tm). It was special having you at the workshop, and it is special knowing you now. And we know there are no accidents.

This is a little off the subject, but I know the word channel is often used generically. Lady Isis and I have had some discussions about the word channel She wanted to call Heavenletters channeled. I wouldn't let her!! Boy, she is one determined lady, and it was a struggle!

Maybe it's just my connotation of the word. Years ago on TV I saw someone channeling. It was scary. It was like someone came into the lady's body and took over. Physically, the lady was entirely different, heavy set, and her voice was different. She had gone somewhere, and someone else was there.

When we Godwrite, it's not like that at all, is it? I am very present. How do you experience the process?

I am looking forward to further developments. Good luck with your website. You don't waste any time! I don't know how soon One Love can get to making the Godwriter(tm) web site, or how soon you can get your web site up. Way back, long before Santhan came into the picture, without exaggeration, it took me two years of hard work before I could get the words right for the Heaven website! Getting the website together was like a technique! I have a feeling that it will take you maybe two weeks!

Won't it be wonderful when there are thousands of Godwriters(tm) just as beautiful as you, and the Godwriting site that Santhan will create is at the very top on the search engines, and there will be millions of people blessed by you and all the Godwriters who will so wonderfully share their Godwriting.

Meanwhile, be sure that we get to see what God is telling you.

With love and blessings,


Hi Gloria, Sorry it took so

Hi Gloria,
Sorry it took so long to respond e. I tried to connect while on the road at a Panera Bread and that same message came to me that your website at Heaven Letters was still restricted. So, anyway, I am back home now.

Have you read any of Dr. Hawkins teachings on Power vs. Force?

Love and Peace,


Yes, I have read Dr.

Yes, I have read Dr. Hawkins' books, and I admire and respect his writings very much.

I'll post a letter one of these days that David Hawkins wrote to me.

And I'll get back to you soon.

With love and blessings,


Here is the letter I sent to

Here is the letter I sent to David Hawkins, the author you mention, Scott. Later I will share his response.

Dr. David Hawkins
P.O. Box 3516
West Sedona, AZ 86340

April 21, 2003

Dear David Hawkins,

Your books have corroborated Truth and enlivened me.

Power vs. Force and The Eye of the I are the two I have presently read. Your words in The Eye of the I have especially seared my heart. I say your words, knowing full well that the Author is Consciousness.

I could exclaim about every chapter and the truth they resonate, including the sayings in the front of your books. Perfect.

The Eye of the I, p. 53: “God does not talk to anybody….That which is formless does not manipulate sound waves... Enlightened beings do not relate any experiences of being spoken to or verbally addressed by God. This would surmise a duality of God versus a person to whom God is speaking…Mystics attune to God by an unspoken knowingness…Messages from God are from the spiritual ego which has become dissociated and project as some ‘other’ reality. Occasionally, they are due to astral entities, some of whom claim ‘Godship’.”

Is it possible that unspoken knowingness can be “heard” as some level of subtle sound?

While reading A Course in Miracles for the fourth time, quiet messages started coming to me. They are from God within, and everything I receive rings true with everything you say. They are the same, exactly the same, except for this point of hearing God.

I very much value your vision, expression and Consciousness. Dr. Hawkins, I cannot look to any Human being to okay the truth of the messages I receive, yet I feel great responsibility, and I want to be one with you in thought and heart as well. Perhaps I have gotten caught in some of your words rather than in the meaning and intent of what you are saying. I cannot believe that there is disagreement.

You mentioned that it is rare for people to have direct experience of God because there are so few with a high enough vibration.

Yet, it is my experience and what I hear God say, that anyone who desires to hear God from within, whatever his state of consciousness, can do so.

I am impelled to share this process and so I offer workshops. I don’t presume to know how to teach people to hear God, but God does know, and all who choose to come to the Godwriting workshops find that they too can hear great Godwisdom and love far beyond their individuality.

I would like to share with you a quick revealing very recent emailed dialogue about the workshop. The questioner is Carol, and I am Gloria:

How do you know it is God? What if you do not believe in God as a separate entity with separate thoughts and ideas and advice? I feel the human mind is expert at imaginings. The way I experience this whole creation is a projection of a less than fully expanded state of consciousness, a limited perception, and to project a God into this imaginary realm we inhabit and call reality is to add another layer of ignorance and call it Truth. If I say to myself, there is a God and I am speaking to him, or hearing him, that is my own mental projection.

Who said God was a separate entity? As soon as we use language, as soon as we talk about something, we make distinctions, we make AS IF there is another. Kabir calls God the Guest. Bernie Siegel refers to God as the Inner Voice. The Bible speaks of the Still Small Voice. David Hawkins refers to God as the Presence or Consciousness. And so on.

It seems subtly dangerous to claim the words come from infinite wisdom, infinite truth…humility is missing. Ego could be prevailing, calling itself God.

Carol, I think the opposite. I think it would be the height of egotism for an individual to claim that the wisdom and truth are his.

I am sorry to be such a skeptic. I am sure what people write at Godwriting workshops is very beautiful because they are attuning themselves to what is highest in them.

So what are we arguing about!

Because we have been writing back and forth, it has stimulated my thinking, and last night I said mentally to God, “I think you are just a figment of my imagination,” and I got back:

"No, you are a figment of My imagination."

It made me laugh. My God is a Humorist first.

Along with the delight and surprise of the reply came a sense of freedom, a sudden lightening of the load of my problems, a release from my identification with them -- if I am a figment of God's imagination, then there goes my so-called suffering.... it evaporates into the ether.

Yes, ok, maybe there is Someone to address...maybe...

Dr. Hawkins, I am also taking the liberty of enclosing a few Heavenletters, the Heavenletter CD, and a few comments from Heaven News. The Heavenletters included are: #822, In Love, #834 Notice God Today; #844, The Song You Sing.

I shall be so glad if this letter reaches your hands.

Blessings to you for all that you are and reveal.

Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter
The Godwriting International Society of Heaven
703 E. Burlington Avenue
Fairfield IA 52556

"Heaven and earth are both yours. You live in both. Earth just happens to be the side of the road you think you are on. The eyes of man have focused on one side and forgotten the other or imagined they postponed it. You commute between Heaven and earth all the time."

Wow, that was quite the

Wow, that was quite the conversation between you and Carol as told to Dr. Hawkins.

I love your spunk sweet Gloria. I love the way you communicate the love of God to the world.

I know that God does speak to us. No, it might not be as we humans communicate, but it is still divine communication, and that is our birthright as children of the Most High.

All our truth is percieved truth. It is filtered through our minds and personal expereriences. It has to in order for us to communicate properly. According to ACIM, that is the Holy Spirits main job to help us humans dicifer the true voice of God, Voice for God, inner voice, higher self and anything else we want to call this voice.

As vessels of the divine all we can do to facilitate this communication is to be open to it and trust the loving voice is communication for our individual lives.

It would be preposterous of me to think that my communication through my Godwriting tm to be without any humanness in it. It is human and divine. When I questioned God about this, because I so want to be a an expression of God's love, God let me know that it was alright and his delight was in this blended being hearing God's words and giving these words to the world at large.

For those who still struggle in your minds with this...just relax and trust that God does indeed talk to you. That is not being and egoist. It is being the blended being who we really are. We make too much of this and make communicating with God such a hard thing. It is the most natural thing you could ever think is divine...and yet human. Wow, what a knock-out combo...we and God. What a team...what a relationship!

We are indivduations of this ONE.

That is all part of the plan. God shows up in all of doesn't matter the flavor, the size, or the color...what matters is we are all divine expressions, and as divine expressions we also express our indivuduality. This makes it perfect.

You see, all of us are part of the whole and integrally involved in the divine process.

Love and Blessings to all...and to you sweet Gloria...


It just occurred to me in

It just occurred to me in reading the beginning of your comment, Scott, to make clear that this Carol is not any of the Carols who presently post on the forum. The Carol who stars in that wonderful story lives in town here. The last time I spoke to her about this, told how I use her story in Godwriting(tm) workshops, she didn't remember the story at all! To my mind, it is classic! I will never forget it!

David Hawkins' response will go up soon.

Thanks sweet one... I am

Thanks sweet one...
I am glad to know that this Carol who is presently posting is not the same Carol you refer to in your letter to Dr. Hawkins...


It is an important topic

It is an important topic this here, it's one of main topics in our lives I think. I mean our effort to see the divine plan, the divine tappestry.

The book "Courageous Souls" - Do we plan our life challenges before birth? was a turning point in my life and it brings several examples exactely related to this beautiful Godwriting.

When we see from a new / different angle, our life can really change, indeed so called "handicapped" persons are a gift to all those who come in touch with them.
The "new" patterns which can emerge and which can be seen and understood by us, can really do miracles in our lives.

As always, dear Scott, thanks thanks thanks and all my love and joy and gratitude to you and to God !


Thanks again for your

Thanks again for your encouraging words and the book
"Courageous Souls". I was not familiar with that book.

I will see if I can find it at my local bookstore and look at it. You are right, if we could only see from a different perspective, a heavenly perspective, it would change us all and transmute us into who we really are...pieces and parts of the divinity of who we really are.

Blessings and much love to you Berit,

Scott Arant