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Laying down arms
Taking off armor
Metaphorically, spiritually
And yes, physically speaking
Isn't a raising of history's meaning
Of the white flag
Loser won't be our tag
For comparisons are going
Competition's soon to be gone
Leaving the feeling of alone
To be replaced by
As our wish for a sense of self
Becomes greater
Greatness we become
For true love
Is whence we come
In letting go
Of heavy things
We are better able to pick up our arms
And bring
The Peace
Having released
Our tomfoolery
We embrace
We don't just admire or long for but taste
The truth
That freedom is free
For it doesn't take a super sleuth
To realize
Peace is our delight
Our flight
Slowing down
Breathing deeper
Looking around
We see all the room
That IS
Love's space
By not forcing our march
We pick up our pace
What was previously seen as slow
Becomes fast
Or at least
At last
Definition is slipping away
Making room for an easier way
To go about our day
Struggle has had it's say
Yet as we no longer hold on tight
As we give up our fight
Through release
Is but a step
A breath
A smile

Copyright © Michael Mayer 2007

Dear Mike, You sure gave us

Dear Mike,

You sure gave us lots of great poetry here! Thank you so much.

Of all you sent, hard to pick a favorite.

With love and blessings,


Gloria, everyday i am

:) Gloria, everyday i am better for the heavenletters...i breathe easier, i give myself and those in my life more space to live and be...ty, for the kind words i just read and for everyday's gift u give...with a humble and happy heart...michael:)