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Every moment
We are in a dynamic relationship
Even if all we feel is alone

As if on some land, the furthermost remote
Far removed from feeling wedded
Or even betrothed

Still, we're one with our breath
Constantly connected to the sky
Joined in our step

With the earth, fashioned by the most high
Or in a crowd
Even as all those passing glances, unrecognized chances, pass us by

We can still be the one that isn't the passerby
Or we can choose to deny
Or we can be like the child

Wild enough in love to take a chance
To say hi
Or smile while waving good-bye

To take off in spirit
Like the birds that fly
For even if unwilling to try

If all we can do is sigh
Withdrawn in and unto ourselves
Pretending that love really isn't nigh

We're still in a relationship
Forever connected in the I Am That I Am's Heart and Mind
Only apart as defined by the illusory imaginings of a would be linear place and time

Copyright © Michael Mayer 2007